Le Skate Moderne
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Farmboys skateboarding in rural France. A film directed by Antoine Besse in the style of Depardon.
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This is hilarious. It is a parody, right? Sort of a French rural nostalgia meets Wes Anderson thing? Or is it authentically Le Style Hipster? I can't tell anymore.
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OK having watched KloudBox's La Fine Equipe I'm going with parody. Does anyone know more about them? They have a nice website, are on Facebook and Twitter, and have some other videos on YouTube. They also made this music video which is somewhat uncomfortable but interesting. It seems like a Justice video can't be far off. It's all a bit too French for me to figure out this early in the morning, but I like it.
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It's a little too fashion-shoot to be real. I'm not sure that's even a distinction in France.

But - flat caps and braces in Hoxton in three... two... one...
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I took it at face value and thought it was gorgeous.
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But yes, gorgeous. And damn French as a language - Le Skate Moderne has levels of nuanced irony as a title that no English phrase could approach.
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From: http://www.dslmag.com/v6/2014/02/01/le-skate-moderne/

‘Le skate moderne’ is a half-fiction half-documentary video inspired by Raymond Depardon’s piece  ‘La Vie Moderne’ (2008).
Here costumes, landscapes, dialogues are inspired from this movie, but it definitely puts a new take on the ‘classic’ skateboard video.
The main idea was to come up with something different from the ‘fish-eye’ lines of traditional skateboard videos, here the emphasis is put on storytelling and aesthetics.
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The accents are really what make it. And the berets, omg the berets. When the family is sitting around ponderously contemplating life, it's so true to discussions that are actually had, but the berets... the accents... the just-over-the-top vocabulary... it's hilarious. Wonderful mix of irony and sincerity.
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As someone whose former daily cycle commuted involved riding through Ottawa's Experimental Farm the idea of skateboarding through cow manure is kind of funny in a really disgusting way.
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Point of information, Mr Chairman. Them ain't berets, them be flat caps. A beret is flattened over to the side of the head and has no inherent structure to the crown.

A beret.

A flat cap.

Berets are not much worn now, outside the military and Englishmen wearing parody French fancy dress costumes. Flat caps remain an item in general use, if seldom to good effect.
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Here's the trailer for La Vie Moderne.

I was wondering what a young man of Asian ethnicity was doing hanging out in a French village; just possible, but unlikely. Perhaps they didn't want to be too provocative casting someone from the Maghreb.
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It's posts like this that make me love Metafilter. I never would have found this vid otherwise.
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My mother doesn't break her balls to give different presents...

Those farm moms can be rough.
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rade; thanks for this.
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i'm with 41swans - gorgeous and well done. and yes, funny.

thank you, Lezzies.

that said: why all the homemade flags? this was the one question that came to my mind. they are dramatically effective, no question. but is there some nationalist cultural reference being made here? the tri-colored suspenders made me wonder similar questions...
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This was cool.
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I'm not sure about the significance of the flags but they're certainly not recognisably political. However, the overall aesthetic feel of the film reminds me, deliberately or not, of the Louis Malle film Lacombe Lucien which certainly was political. As for the fiction-fact split, if I had to guess, I'd say that the soundtrack is genuine as are the family interviews but that the other scenes are carefully crafted and the young men are certainly not wearing their own clothes.
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That was fantastic, on first view it looked like pro skaters in costumes so it immediately read as parody, but everything else about it is just grand and makes it rise above the silly bits you normally see in skate videos.
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