April 19, 2000
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After reading the great discussion following mathowie's post on Dr. Dre, I was reminded of an article, "A Musician's Manifesto," from a while back found at http://www.musicisum.com/manifesto.shtml, but apparently musicisum.com no longer exists. The original NY Times Articles (1, 2) where I first read about the manifesto are down, but one of them is available here and here:
[A] more ambitious alternative: to devise an entirely new way of doing business. That is exactly what Lanier is doing. Recently, he drew up a five-point strategy, formed a musicians' collective called Musicisum with Kristen Stavola and signed up more than 45 artists to begin a noble experiment that involves the Internet, subscription fees and music filling stations.
Here is Jaron Lanier's home page, and he links to all those dead links above also. A mystery. I emailed Jaron; but did not hear back from him, anybody have some insight as to what happended to Musicisum?
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Not sure what happened to Musicisum, but an interesting anecdote is that I put together this page design in 1994 in collaboration with Jaron at the Well Studio, and I guess it's still being used 6 years later (gulp). :)
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