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The BeyondSynth Podcast is a podcast with artists and producers who make synthwave/new-retro/electronic music. From his home base in Canada, Adam talks to the top artists in the scene. Links to guests' music pages for each episode inside.

Season 1:

Episode 1 - OGRE
Episode 2 - Who Ha
Episode 3 - Protector 101
Episode 4 - Vincenzo Salvia
Episode 5 - Highway Superstar
Episode 6 - Sunglasses Kid
Episode 7 - Grooveworthy
Episode 8 - Way Beyond Synth with Who Ha and Sunglasses Kid
Episode 9 - Dana Jean Phoenix
Episode 10 - Arc Neon
Episode 11 - D/A/D
Episode 12 - Perturbator
Episode 13 - Betamaxx
Episode 14 - Protector 101 Neoncholy
Episode 15 - Le Cassette

Season two:

Episode 16 - Droid Bishop
Episode 17 - Alpha Boy
Episode 18 - Kid Kasio
Episode 19 - Mega Drive
Episode 20 - Arcade High
Episode 21 - SNES Adam McNab (frontman of Le Cassette)
Episode 22 - Swagbot

To keep up on the hottest new dreamwave tunes, remember to tune in Friday nights to Project Friday (previously)(previously) (previouslyer).
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Oh YES! I love perturbator so flippin much thanks to the Hotline soundtrack. There was definitely a period of time in my life when I did NOT want to hear anything 80's inspired but this new-retro got me. My absolute favorite album is Lazerhawk - Redline. That album is HOT.
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thanks for getting me fired rebent
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I was not aware of this podcast, but share a love for this kind of music. There have been at least a couple of AskMefi threads about newer music being made in this primarily 80's influenced style. So if you are interested, you are bound to find some great suggestions here..

New New Wave - AskMefi - 2012

and here....

Moderns Songs that Sound Like the 80's - AskMefi 2011
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Just tryin' to keep you doleful!
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wow tdstone those are some interesting responses in those threads. The venn diagram between those tunes and the outrun tunes I listen to almost do not overlap at all. I'll have to give them a listen, thanks!
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Moderns Songs that Sound Like the 80's

Talking of which, this recent single I heard three weeks ago might be the most 80s thing I've heard in the last year:

Night by Pompeya
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The venn diagram between those tunes and the outrun tunes I listen to almost do not overlap at all.

Yes, the songs mentioned in those threads run a much wider gamut (perhaps too wide in some instances) of what constitutes an 80's vibe. Outrun is a much narrower niche. Hope there are some new things you like.
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I’ve always loved electronic music (discovered Kraftwerk, Jarre, Tangerine Dream in the late seventies), but the many, many, many sub genres are frankly confusing. (No wonder I have a gigantic amount of music genred as ‘Electronic’ in iTunes).

What exactly is the difference between synthwave and dreamwave?
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I had to email this podcast to a couple of friends of mine who are (also) old enough to remember the 80s and make synth music. Came for the post, stayed for the comments and questions (I also have a lot of "Electronic" because hell if I know the difference between the sub-genres, for instance).
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I think, and this is coming from someone born in 1985, that synthwave has been a genre forever, since the 80s, whereas dreamwave is much more recent.

but it's all baloney anyway yeah? who knows whats what anymore. That's why I call it Outrun - that's a very distinct genre.
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Amazing post! Could you point to any other resources for Outrun music?
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try the outrun tag on bandcamp, the previouslys here, and Project Friday radio show
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