The Writing on the Wall
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Papyrus Turin 55001 is code for "the erotic papyrus." Then there's the 2,500-year-old erotic graffiti from Greece, with a rude claim about who did what where. If you're amid graffiti of a more recent vintage -- specifically that of the American public restroom -- you might want to consult "Here I Sit -- A Study of American Latrinalia" (.pdf) by Alan Dundes (obit, previously). Good reading!
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I misread "code 55001" and "papyrus" completely and marveled at this brave new world of randy monotreme emoji.
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I can't open tumblr at work, but a quick google image search of "Papyrus Turin 55001" was ... revelatory. The art looked like it could have been taken from a modern graphic novel. I had to double check to make sure that I wasn't looking at a modern porn rag with an ancient Egyptian theme.
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Sitting on this throne of waste,
I reach beneath me for a taste.
My love of dung is yet unsung;
It melts apart upon my tongue.
What pungent stuff! From bowels born --
Hey, what is this? Yum yum, sweet corn!
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My mother made me a whore
If I supply the yarn, will she make me one too?
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The word "latrinalia" has made my day.
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The papyrus art is raunchy but modern. Like was said, it could pass for a graphic novel.
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What pungent stuff! From bowels root--
A wad of still tasty Juicy Fruit.
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What pungent stuff, my bowels sum
and a recycled chaw of Doublemint gum.

Ok ok ok - that's me, heading out the back door.
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