Your chance to come clean to Metallica
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Your chance to come clean to Metallica Here is your chance to pay Metallica back for all the MP3's you downloaded illeagally.
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I don't plan to donate (I could care less about giving money to Metallica), but this guy makes some good points about the RIAA's stance on new technology. He also seems to be promoting a new model for distributing and selling music. I'd rather support those groups who are trying to find new ways to profit from new technologies instead of trying to turn back the clock.
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Donate money to a bunch of guys who will never ever go hungry, charge $40.00 per ticket for a live preformance, and would play a double bill with the Back Street Boys if it paid well enough and got them on MTV


Go to my local indie music retailer, and spend $13.99 on the CD of a band that played their asses off for a $5.00 cover charge, still carry their own equipment, and after the show, hung out at the bar with us little people until last call.

I hope Lars chokes on his eyeliner pencil. I think I'm going to download a bunch of Metalica MPs just so I can not pay for them.
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I actually happen to have bought all the Metallica CDs I wanted. Even the first print of their first album, the one with the two tracks that were pulled from future printings. If I remember correctly they were allegedly pulled due to issues of copyright infringement.
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Just to make it clear, it is not Metallica themselves begging for money. is owned and operated by August Nelson, Inc. August Nelson is not affiliated in any way with Metallica or their record labels, music publishers, management companies or agents. We are not affiliated in any way with Napster, Indiana University, the University of Southern California or Yale University. We are not affiliated in any way with the RIAA or any other industry organization.
...and the disclaimer goes on from there. I figure the guy is doing this more for publicity than anything else. Still, the site is worth a look.
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"Chokes on his eyeliner pencil."

I like that, Jen. A *lot*. :-)
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This site is worth a look only because it's a brilliant idea for viral marketing of Orange Alley. They're basically riding the coattails of the Metallica story, hoping for news coverage (maybe someone will post it to Slashdot, after it being posted on Metafilter, and then Wired News will cover it, and then it will end up on the KRON 11:00 broadcast), and realizing that when no one in their right mind would actually put in their credit card, they'd instead click on the banner at the top of the page.

Genius. Pure unadulterated genius.
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Wasn't Metallica one of the two major bands (the other being the Grateful Dead) who used to provide segregated audience space for bootleggers? Seems kinda peculiar that they should get worked up over this...
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Heh heh. Yeah, this strikes me as a good, clever critique. By providing us with the opportunity to "pay Lars," an opportunity which nearly everyone will pass up on, piraters and non-piraters alike, he underlines and highlights the absurdity of Metallica's whining-- they have been rewarded repeatedly and abundantly for their "art."

Anybody interested in why music shouldn't be copyrighted might want to read the Free Music Philosophy, written by a musician who makes genuine sense about "art" and "commerce."
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