Killer Dog Trial...
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Killer Dog Trial......continues to get weirder and weirder. The longer this story goes on, the stranger it gets. 3-way sex with a convicted felon, who belongs to a white supremacy group. The dogs are for protecting Meth labs for the group. The couple adopts "Cornfed" Schneider (the convict) as their son (he is 39 years old) because they can't marry him (polygamy). Add on to it charges of Bestiality between the female defendant and the male dog "Bane," and the story just gets more and more interesting. The story so far will be coming out in this week's Rolling Stone Magazine.
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The best source for news on this odd case is unquestionably the SF Chronicle.
posted by ezfowler at 11:41 AM on February 8, 2002

Son to be a film by Steven Spielberg, who wants Tom Hanks for one of the male rolls. Auditioning for female role and doggie roll.
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Most of us knew all this last year. Does RS actually have anything new?

(And are you going for the record # of paragraphs in a FPP?)
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And the weird part is...?
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This story is the epitome of: You Could Not Make This Stuff Up.
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I got the Rolling Stone issue last night, but I threw it away when I saw the god-awful Creed pic on the cover.

Might have to dig it out for that article (if I can just get past having to look at Scott Staap).
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Already read the RS article (not available online--argh). dhartung & ezfowler, I didn't really have time to pore through the SF Chronicle articles, but I learned the following things in RS I didn't already know:

--The lawyers claim to have adopted Schneider in order to have greater legal recourse if he was eventually abused by the guards in the prison facility where he is housed. This is not unprecedented--many hardened criminals are completely abandoned by their families and have little outside help with their grievances against the prison system.

--The prison guards at the Pelican Bay facility are notorious for abusing prisoners, including scalding one man in boiling water, then scrubbing him with wire brushes.

--A general overview/history of each of the individuals involved, portraying the attorneys as hapless idiots who shouldn't have been practicing criminal law or dog training in the first place, Schneider as an irretreivably hardened criminal, the dog as a "loaded gun," and the victim as someone just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

--oh, and Schneider and his attorneys are avid J.R.R. Tolkien fanatics.
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Land of sun, cars and the wierdest legal dramas any side of Washington D.C.

Man, I want to go back.
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From the SFGate regarding the difficulty in selecting jurors:

One woman said her co-workers made barking sounds when they saw her return to work from jury service.

It's sick, but why do I think that's funny?
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Because it is funny?
posted by bob bisquick at 1:39 PM on February 8, 2002

Was a version of this on a recent Law & Order?
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Wasn't a version of everything on a recent Law and Order. I mean, it is on like 1500 times a day or something!
posted by bob bisquick at 1:54 PM on February 8, 2002

But if they get painted as dog fuckers all bets are off...nuff said? nuff said!
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The most David Lynch post I have seen yet.
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Was a version of this on a recent Law & Order?
Yes, here's the episode in question. (sidebar: Elisabeth Rohm, will you please marry me?)
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Out here in SF, where the case is taking place, there are some strange accusations flying about beastiality, and the couple adopting CornFed because they could not "marry a third partner." That last link brings us this quote:

"It is the one form of legal action which can join the three of us in a binding family unit," Noel wrote. "If it were permitted to be accomplished through a second marriage that would have been the medium, but we have become a family and Marjorie and I are prepared to go as far as possible to formalize that arrangement."
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