Aphex Waits: Tom vs Computer Control mashed up by Esmko
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Eskmo took a few Tom Waits songs that he love and mashed them with Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 by Aphex Twin, and created Aphex Waits (Soundcloud with free DL; YouTube). If you'd like more weird electronic music from Eskmo, Dazed has a preview stream of his new album along with an interview about it. Then there's Eskmo's self-titled album on Grooveshark, which he released on Ninja Tune back in 2010, which lead to videos for Cloudlight [previously], We Got More [previously], and Color Dropping. He has also shared more music on Soundcloud.
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Aesop Rock + Tom Waits = Tom Shall Pass
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^ Came here to say this, Tom Shall Pass is fantastic and has been on regular rotation for me. Very interested to check this out, thanks.
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Holy shit I love this. Thank you so much for posting!
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"Tom Waits for no man."
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I think you mean Tom Waits For No One (previously, Wikipedia), though it's more jazzy than this mashup. It's a fun video, and an impressive story (multi-camera rotoscoped video, both a technical and stylistic innovation for the time).
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There was a bootleg with the title "Tom Waits for No Man" circulating a few years back, of a show from one of his Australia tours. Maybe he meant that.
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