"It suddenly looks like it's made for cooking"
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In Food Hacking, a documentary series of shorts from Vice's Munchies, host Simon Klose explores the people and science mapping out new boundaries of Japanese cuisine, as well as their social and environmental implications.

Episode1: Virtual Cookie.
A Japanese researcher shows how to use virtual reality to make a cookie taste like five different things.

Episode 2: Laser Bacon
Kentaro Fukuchi is a professor who wants to fuse cutting-edge technology with the Japanese tradition of eating raw meat. Using an industrial laser, Professor Fukuchi is able to fry just the fat in raw strips of bacon while leaving the rest intact.

Episode 3: Electric Fork
Inventor Hiromi Nakamura is researching the concept of “electric taste.” Hiromi has developed a fork and cup that zap your taste buds with electrical currents to make food taste saltier.

Episode 4: Food Perfume
One food hacker demonstrates how to change the taste of food by spraying it with perfume.

Episode 5: Talking Tomatoes
An advertising agency makes organic vegetables that speak to customers with the voices of their farmers.

Episode 6: Recipe Network
Computer programmer Yui Kita has developed software that can compose new untried food pairings through a recipe network.
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Laser Bacon? LASER BACON!? That's it, folks, we're done. Humanity has reached its pinnacle.

Now where can I get some?
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I advise you buy high power lazer, goggles and bacon for science.
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