"I gave my eye to the coyote in the flour sack"
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I love how every now and then, you get a sentence that isn't complete whaargarbl.

Dorothy C. Fontana: We knew our captain needed to be able to command your attention. And when Bill [Shatner] walked in to audition, he got our attention.
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DeForest Kelley was the only actor who stood up to him, so Bill had him fired. For the rest of the series, Dr. McCoy was played by a live coyote they’d caught in a flour sack, though our makeup and wardrobe team did an incredible job easing the transition.
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Disappointed about Zoo Commando though. The universe could've been a better place.

But I guess The A-Team is the same basic idea…
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William Shatner: I’m not the narcissistic egomaniac some people make me out to be. But without Captain Kirk, there’s no Star Trek. If I used that leverage to make the show’s star shine a little brighter, so what?
Completely plausible. As is the plot of "The Jester and the Concubine", as is every fake title, in fact.
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Star Trek wasn’t just a show; it was a whole philosophy. People don’t love Star Trek just because it’s got wacky aliens. They love it because the wacky aliens bonk each other with goofed-up widgets while a bunch of dunces in matching pajamas yammer on and on as their doors whoosh back and forth, all to make some Dr. Seuss-type point.
I can totally hear that in Shatner's voice.
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I did later find out that Gene forged that letter, but I don’t think it’s any less meaningful for it.

TheWhiteSkull was found dead in his apartment on Wednesday morning. Cause of death is unknown, but is suspected to be the result of a particularly violent convulsive seizure, or perhaps some sort of weird auto-erotic strangulation game. You know how these intellectual loner types are.

He is survived by several bartenders, and the people of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, who consider him to be a sort of father figure. Per the stipulations laid down in his living will, he is to be cremated next Monday, and his ashes thrown into the face of Damon Lindelof on a later date yet to be determined.
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"My old, concise nipple" would make an excellent username.
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It's actually a bit of a letdown to hear it all conspired exactly as I had imagined. I would've liked at least some surprise.
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wait a second -- isn't this fake news?
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Leonard Nimoy: Spock sleeps in the ship’s hallway, so Gene made me sleep in the hallway. If someone walked down the hall to the ship’s one bathroom, every door would scream itself open. It sounded like hell’s own Pledge of Allegiance, even inside my little lean-to of discarded meal trays.

Leonard Nimoy: The screaming doors trapped me in a prison of my own brain, and I’m still stuck there.

Clickhole can produce sentences of really dark and haunting beauty.
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My brain won't let me process anything beyond this section.

Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene): Dad had lived many lives before Star Trek. During World War II, he’d been decorated for crashing his bomber into a Bavarian castle full of Hitler’s most fertile mistresses.
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I'm still laughing about Don Draper saying YOWZA.
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I will eat my hat if William Shatner never uttered the words "sniff me up, I'm marvelous".
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They really need to do an oral history of Rush's 2112.
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I'm Dick Whitman, YOWZA.
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wait a second -- isn't this fake news?

It uses real words.
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George Takei (actor, “Hikaru Sulu”): Those early episodes were a blast, and they felt important. When Sulu helps Kirk build a spiral staircase for the alien race that’s spent centuries living on two unconnected floors of a big duplex in “As Above, So Below,” it wasn’t just a thrilling hour of television; it was showing what we can accomplish when we set aside our differences and do metaphors.

making fun of original star trek while watching TNG was my whole childhood so this really speaks to me.
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The. "Wife named Beyoncé" stuff from the MBDTF article is pretty similar to Chuck Tingle's style of writing. Furthering my theory that someone from the Onion is behind the Tingler persona.
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Wait a minute, that page says "oral history," but the principal content is clearly written down! I, a person who has not looked up the meaning of "oral history" but assume that it means what I believe it to mean, must raise this striking and terrible issue!

I do this not for myself, but for all of you. You may merely applaud in my general direction.

Sometimes you just can't take it anymore, and then you break into your upstairs neighbor's apartment and slam their footwear against the floor. I feel much better now.
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It's really disappointing that they just copied sections of the oral history in The Fifty-Year Mission for this.

But really, after hearing Gene "It's not sexual because nudity is totally normal in the 23rd century" Roddenberry's early ideas for the first Star Trek Movie none of this scans false.
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It had some good bits, but I didn't think it was nearly as funny as some of the other oral histories from Clickhole. Could use more furious boat clones.

(The oral history, or Star Trek?)

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In outer space, there’s very little to crash into, besides planets, but you can see those coming.
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