Tight as a Boiled Owl
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The English language has produced a staggering number of words and phrases for the state of being intoxicated by alcohol. The Drunktionary collects hundreds of them, from "A beat up tank" to "zozzled", all in glorious 2001 Tripod style.

For more rigorous etymological information, see the Historical Thesaurus of English entry on "drinking to excess", though it focuses on words rather than phrases.
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Aww. Web 1.0 is dead.
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I always thought that "caramelized" and "deleted" would be good euphemisms for 'drunk.' Same with 'more loaded that Peter O'Toole on Cinco De Mayo.'
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I'd really love an Achewood-specific compendium for this.
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I always liked 'swacked'.
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Drink, drunk, dronk.
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To celebrate (?) the closing down of our restaurant, we invited our customers to come in one last time to get smash-hammered, which I'm particularly proud of coining. It's a perfectly cromulent word for when wants to get incredibly drunk to mourn the passing of something, but without getting all maudlin about it.
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Admiral of the narrow seas - Refers to a drunk who throws up in his neighbor's lap. Nautical and tavern use, 1650s to 1800s.
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Wandering out into the tall grass...
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I am a fan of the frog graphic for terms A-B.
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I like "tired and emotional."
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Nice quotes section on that site, reminding us that people have been getting smashed for literally millennia.
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This reminded me of a curious term for being drunk sometimes heard in Glasgow: maroc. Nothing to do with a North African country or its tangerines, but a shortening of “miraculous”. And is there a more apt term for that delightful feeling of giddy all-powerfulness just before things get a bit regrettable?

obligatory: Rikki Fulton.
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Ghidorah: My charming and I are visiting friends this Friday to get absolutely smash-hammered, to mourn the passing of sanity from the administration.

Thank you for the term, it fits like a glove.
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And now, a musical interlude from Mancattan Transfer
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Where I grew up, "tight as a boiled owl" had long been bastardized to, "drunk as a boweled owl," whatever the hell that means.
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