"Nick, this changes everything!!!"
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After 37 episodes of hilarity, existential horror, and good good splosions, Car Boys (previously)--hosted by Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy of Polygon--has finally come to a close with a thrilling finale.
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I haven't seen the finale yet but GOD Car Boys is so good and I'm so sad it's ending
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The finale is great. Fitting end.

Y'all, I really enjoyed this YouTube video series about a driving-and-physics simulator video game.
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That was such a great ending to a such a ridiculous film thing.
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Haven't watched this yet, but all I can hope is that they found a way to defeat the blob. Perhaps Busto came back to save the day and redeem himself.
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Holy guacamole I did not expect Car Boys to have such a satisfying ending. Well done.
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That was kind of magical.
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Never expected a youtube show about smashing cars together in BeamNG Drive to be the wild ride Car Boys ended up being, but wow. What a journey. See you, space cowcar boys.

Also props to whoever made that map and decided "what this map needs is an INEXPLICABLE WORMHOLE."
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2. This is so incredibly precisely what's going on in The Adventure Zone right now that I don't even know if it's a coincidence
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That was amazing.
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We have borne witness to the Sun Chips Place.
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No spoilers for TAZ please, I haven't listened to the latest episodes yet! :)

This was great. A perfect episode to quit (as episode 27 would have been, but luckily they made more) but I can't help this sense of loss. Car Boys was the franchise that finally made me fall in love with the McElroy universe (I had listened to some MBMBAM episodes over the years before and for some reason that didn't do it) and as such has held always a special position for me.

I'm going to miss it lots.
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How have I not ever watched this. I regularly visit Polygon and I've never had this pop up on any kind of a feed. This is all I'll be watching after work today. Thanks for sharing this.

Sad that it's ending but I have lots to look forward to it seems.
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I saw the livestream on twitter and logged on just in time to hear the very last line "Griffin.... Griffin can you hear me?" to the sight of a wrecked car in and gray void and then credits roll.
Of course, I immediately went back and watched the full episode.

Car boys is amazing. I don't know if there is anything like it.
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(Just in case you/anyone didn't realize, there is a post-credit scene)
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Car Boys was finally what turned me on to Polygon's YouTube channel, which has hundreds of hours of game previews and playthroughs with the least amount of douchebro one could hope for. It's a safe space, inasmuch as I know I can watch whatever's on their playlist and not end up more wound up than when I started watching on grounds of politics, sexism, or whatever else (well, the Touch the Skyrim series was getting kind of sketch, but they apparently realized it and started over in a different direction).

So yeah. It's become my default "my brane is currently a dense little knot of anger and numbness and I need something to unclench it" YouTube channel. Three thumbs up, Joe-Bob says, "Check it out!".

Memorable moment: American Truck Simulator LP
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There's also Griffin's wonderful Peacecraft series, which started as a generic pacifist tour of the entire map in World of Warcraft and turned into something entirely different. I'm wary of saying too much and spoiling the sense of discovery, but it's worth noting that Griffin's status as an internet celebrity becomes an integral part of the playthrough.
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I wish Justin and Griffin still did Overviews. I'm guessing they just don't have the time anymore. So many amazing moments in American Truck Simulator, Car Mechanic Simulator, Catlateral Damage, etc.
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i've never heard of this "show" but thank you so much for brightening my life with it.
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The non-McElroy Polygon videos have been getting better and better, I'm loving Please Retweet right now.
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Please Retweet has been great, but SEO Play is absolutely amazing.

I also enjoyed Pat and Julia Watch The YOUNG SHELDON Trailer for 200 Minutes for the bits I tuned in for. It's like a condensed version of The Worst Idea of All Time or Death Blart.
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My favorite Car Boys super-cut is every time griffin says "NICK" in car boys

This might be a Berenstein/Berenstain thing, but I think they uploaded a new edit of VR City where they edited out the first merge of Ovo with a wheeled vehicle. I remember a pickup truck before the bus. Griffin says "happy fun truck" as Nick flies the joined thing together.
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Shit, Berenstain. It was the next episode and it's magic fun truck.
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A perfect ending to the best anime this season. I'll miss the distilled serendipity of chaos every episode brought.
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BeamNG says a fond goodbye to Car Boys on twitter. To my amusement, they also say that they view the Car Boys as bug reports of things to fix.
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Also speaking of serendipity, the "BeamNG" reveal, my god.
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Thank you, MetaFilter, for introducing me to the joy of Car Boys. What a great ending.

Fuck the Blob. In Busto we trust. May we ride Ovo to meet him in the Sunchips place.
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I kinda really want Sunchips now. And have two cell phones. Maybe learn to drive a school bus.
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Episode 8, A Tale of Two Bustos. "We are all in Busto now"

Yes, yes we are.
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Welcome to the fold, numaner
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so back in 2010, I was hooked on Assassin's Creed 2 for PS3. I had the first generation fat PS3, and it was dying. After about 15 minutes of gameplay, I would start getting those infinite point stretches of the texture, usually on Ezio. Here was my only screenshot of that. Seeing the same thing happening to BeamNG.drive in these videos brings back a lot of nostalgia for me.
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oh god, the crucified airplane! I want all the things smashed with sledge hammers.
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> I'm loving Please Retweet right now.

Finally getting around to watching this. It's got the same deadpan slow-burn humor that I associate with some of the Weird Twitter posters.
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BeamNG says a fond goodbye to Car Boys on twitter.

a reply: thanks for making beam nick griffin dot drive

* mind blown *
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oh yeah I should add: I love that Nick uses Clair de Lune for basically all of the stunt moments. It's just so right. It's one of my favorite piano pieces of all time, shamefully only recently discovered from Ocean's Eleven.
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I kinda want a giant blob in real life just to hide under and feel like I belong somewhere.
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you wanna break an omelette, you gotta obliterate a few Mitsubishis
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OMG when he brought the blob into the light force i almost shit myself
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Metafilter: Instability detected for vehicle vehicles/inflated_mat: resetting the vehicle and disabling the physics
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