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The last couple of months have seen two new entries in the growing genre of Reanimations - shot-for-shot fan-remakes of cartoons set to the original soundtracks. In late July, 164 animators came together to reanimate an episode of Steven Universe. And just a few days ago, after over a year, over 227 artists re-animated the one, the only: MAMA LUIGI. More reanimations inside - if you know of any not listed here, please link to them in the comments!

Moon Animate Make-Up! (Sailor Moon DiC dub, 2014) (previously)
Bartkira: The Animated Trailer (Akira trailer via Bartkira, 2015) (previously)
Moon Animate Make-Up 2 (Sailor Moon original Japanese version, 2015) (previously)
SCROOBJAM (Scooby Doo Where Are You, 2015) (previously)
Dragon Ball Reanimate (Dragon Ball, 2016)
Gemanimate (Steven Universe full theme song, 2016)
Sipder-Man Re-Animate (1960's Spider-Man animated series, 2016) (previously)
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Thank you. I've never watched SU on account of finding the design of the main character unappealing, but this reanimation super-piqued my interest. I'm guessing this episode was chosen for being among the strongest. Any others you would particularly recommend, or is the show worth binge watching from S01E01?
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YES it's worth it. But note: even the show's creators weren't sure if they were going to get more than 26 episodes, and so the first half of season one is rather different from the show going forward from there, although there are standout moments. And yet, it is difficult to point to an episode that doesn't have at least some important element in it, somewhere.

If you can handle the slow burn, then watch from the first episode. If you can't, I suggest starting with Lion 2: The Movie, as a fairly pure early-show example of the tone of Steven Universe. Other pointed-to early episodes are Giant Woman, Steven the Sword Fighter, Monster Buddies and An Indirect Kiss. If you like those, then you probably should go back and watch the others from the start. Note: the character design takes a few episodes to settle down, and each storyboard team has a distinctive style.

There is more to say on this but this risks becoming a derail. MeMail me for more, if you want it.
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I say start with Giant Woman, which is episode 12. I too was turned off by Steven's design early on and the earliest episodes don't shy from making jokes at Steven's expense. Giant Woman opens up one of the most interesting aspects about the show's characters and has a catchy song to boot.

Anyway, on the topic of TFA, these fan animations are great. They're in the spirit of Star Wars Uncut (previously) and are just a delightful way of showing fandom love for something while making something that belongs entirely to the fans and shows off a lot of pro and amateur animators' talents. I've seen some of these before but I'm definitely going to go check all of them out.
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Funnily enough, I had seen all of Steven Universe EXCEPT the episode they reanimated. Somehow I missed that one, so thanks for posting.
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