"Then they just go back to being inanimate objects..."
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Stems is a beautiful and slightly melancholy stop-motion animation by Ainslie Henderson, created using music by Poppy Ackroyd.
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That was beautiful, thank you.
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I'm pretty floored at my own reaction right now. Thanks for sharing!
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Charming, thank you.
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Thank you. (sniffle)
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Beautiful. Thank you. Silence is so powerful.
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How lovely
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Speechless. I loved that!
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Oh I love stop motion! This was cute and wonderful, and a little sad like he says in the video.
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Saw an interview with Henderson a while back about which led me to 'Monkey Love Experiments' ... which is extraordinary
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I loved the video, but I really loved Poppy Ackroyd's music and have been listening to it all day now. Her art feels like the subtle undercurrent to all of my moods and I am just so so so thrilled to find her :D
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That broke my heart. And If I think about it it doesn't make sense why, but it did. And I can't figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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This is super wonderful. Thank you. And doubly so, for introducing me to Poppy Ackroyd’s music.
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