I mean, Daniel Day Lewis, I think he could learn something from me.
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damnit Emilia, you never draw your profit line in red.
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Okay. That facial expression is the definition of successfully winning.
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> mullacc:
"damnit Emilia, you never draw your profit line in red."

You'd think a world-class graph lover like her would know that, wouldn't you?
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That's a clever idea.
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It's all in the eyebrows... prehensile...
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I haven't seen Solo yet - going tomorrow - but I honestly think this is the best acting I've ever seen her do. Admittedly that's just GOT. She's *ok* on GOT but always seemed stiff and limited. Based on that I wouldn't have guessed she had a knack for dry comedy.
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I approve. :)
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Tbh, I was hoping to see her take on laughing alone with salad.
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I was super hoping there'd be a link to getty images that would allow royalty free reuse of these images for a set fee. I want this to appear on generic websites promoting the next ICO.

But yeah, this was much better than I expected.
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I saw this the other day and considered posting it, despite how high-profile I knew it would be. And it's because it's quite good -- she's both very funny and, mostly, quite good at being a stock photography model.

I especially loved the "You can drop character, Emilia" bit.
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You can actually see her nailing the stock photo pose and then going just a little bit further to land the joke.
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I think she's great and I enjoyed this. I wish we could better contextualize actors' contributions to stuff though. This actor didn't come up with a marvelously witty pisstake on stock photos. Some writer did. And Emilia Clarke was game enough/cool enough to lend her talents. Unless this was her idea and she pitched it to a writer who was game and executed it, which also happens.

Sorry. I'm a little het up because I just read a DVD case for The Princess Bride saying that "only the mind of Rob Reiner could...[blah blah]." And I was like, Motherfucker, the mind of William Goldman had this idea fully formed before Rob Reiner's agent even sent him a script to look over... Anyway, attributing authorship to the most famous person involved rather than, you know, the actual author is weird.
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Well, Vanity Fair only credited Clarke in the video so we have no idea who wrote, directed, etc.
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That was so deadpan and hilarious. I also thought that suit was going to swallow her whole.
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