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Clickhole's "Well Played" tag follows the ordeals of a mild-mannered man dealing with quiet maladies: struggling with groups and their frequent casual miseries, handling chance encounters with strangers, suffering the minor cruelties of workplaces, failing to romance, sitting wrongly, and just generally being alive. But there's something hidden among those videos. What is it? Just reload those pages a few more times, and try to watch those videos again...

(Explanation here, if you're not seeing it. Discovered through this Clickhole AMA.)
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I strongly resent these unauthorized documentaries about my life.
posted by randomkeystrike at 2:15 PM on July 11, 2018 [3 favorites]

Holy shit, I know the guy who does these, and I never picked up on the easter eggs. I've been missing half his work! He does great stuff, anyway.
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Wow this gets dark fast
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Before I click, are there any gorillas or basketballs involved?
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This guy is nothing less than the Caspar Milquetoast of our time (Google image search "caspar milquetoast" or "timid soul" for many panels of H.T. Webster's legendary cartoon).
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“caspar milquetoast”

Ive only gotten the dishwashing, Kardashian show and mannequin doppelgänger Easter eggs so far but I would go with “deeply disturbed.”
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I've looked into the JS code that powers (one of) these videos and the chance of the normal vs. alternate video appears to be 70/30.
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I'm going straight to weird stuff from some of the links in the FPP. Link #3 went to a video with a headline four copies of a man marching in place with a mop, pounding it on the ground, chanting, "Our music our sports our traffic our sports our weather our sports our weather our sports together on the hour" in a round robin.
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Clickhole is one of the few good things about the modern internet.
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The Clickhole AMA is surprisingly good. This answer in particular: " We don’t view ourselves as fake news because we are not trying to fool people. In fact, we kill a lot of ideas because they sound too plausible. If you believe one of our articles, you have fallen for something that a room full of people have carefully deliberated on and decided is obviously fake."
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The Onion has the done the “alternate video” trick before at least once. But well played Clickhole
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They took it to the extreme with their classic Whoa: 1 Out Of 1,000 People Who Click On This Will Get Straight-Up Porn.

It's worth watching a bunch of times, for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with porn.
posted by rorgy at 8:13 PM on July 11, 2018

so I clicked on "not getting a good look at vacation photos" and "best friend moving but can't sit next to him" and I got the alternate video both times, and not having read the explanation, I was very confused as to what I was watching.

good times.
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I'm so confused.
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Awesome. Video as a fusion of ARGs and record b-sides.
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