Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
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The Opposite of Forecasting (by metafilter's own lownote) is a streaming radio station that turns weather data from Austin, Texas into music. "The resulting music reacts to a number of atmospheric conditions, including the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind angle, wind speed, barometric pressure, UV, and solar radiation." It's also just really catchy! [via mefi projects]
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Listening now. This is so cool, conceptually and y'know audibly! All these moments will be lost like tears in the rain.
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And of particular note, the blog post How The Weather Mapped To The Music.
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Unfortunately, this is just in time for the most boring weather period in Austin each year. Just entering a heat wave and the weather forecasters could just go on vacation right now.
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I really really like this.
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Something else that occurs to me, I could totally listen to this under the commentary for the US Formula One Grand Prix come October as something which provides meaningful ambient texture to the race. I wonder if anything similar is possible for er, more historically meteorologically dynamic races.

Which isn't to say I think the process only has value as data presentation. I am still proper chilling out to it as I type.
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Three related projects from Quintron: The Singing House, Weather for the Blind, Weather Warlock.
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I'm still listening, and I still really really like it.

I'm starting to get concerned that I want to listen to all of it, but doing that will take too long
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I'm with aubilenon .. I really, really like it (and am a bit worried that I may have to stay up much too long)
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100% my kind of thing. Bravo.
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Ooooh, oooh, oooh, do Portland!
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I was listening to some program on xray fm this morning on my way to work, and they were featuring a similar project called Weather for the blind. Pretty cool!

From the site: "Weather for the blind is a live streaming site of a musical instrument which is played by the weather. The base station - pictured in the foreground – is called Weather Warlock and is currently located in New Orleans, LA. The weather sensors – pictured in the distant surf – are mounted to a post and detect temperature, wind, sun, and rain. This all analog synthesizer produces a wide range of tones and harmonics based around a consonant F major chord with special audio events occurring during sunrise and sunset. The stream may fall in and out during that time due to pwer failures. If that is the case, please visit the ARCHIVES to enjoy past weather entries. This instrument evolved from an earlier incarnation called “Weather Witch”, developed by Mars Brown and Quintron. The very first prototype was called “Singing House” and was funded by N.O.Airlift."
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Fri. July 20 3:30pm PDT. I'm listening. I look at the Austin weather. 100 degrees, no wind, no rain. I listen to the stream.

No correlation with what I'm hearing. A sprinkling of major key figures with a drone or two buzzing away. A slow drip of sharp, high percussion.

No technical (or even poetic) description of the project, its design, its implementation, on the author's page. So I can't be overwhelmed, not even whelmed.
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The technical and musical descriptions of the project are linked from the top of the author's page.
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