Welcome To Antarctica!
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Back after a ten year (more or less) hiatus, Wally and Osborne is a family-friendly comic about an Adelie penguin and a geographically-confused polar bear cracking wise and chilling out at the coldest place on Earth.

As well as posting new comics, the author is remastering the archives with crispy superhd-monitor-friendly artwork. You can read the archives in their current state, or follow a daily(?) posting schedule on instagram, webtoons, or tapas.
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Let's just hope "cracking wise" doesn't include spoiling fiction. Because that doesn't go well.
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I have been working my way thru these - I started at the beginning - I just got to 2006! I have enjoyed the exploits of Wally and Osborne and the comments by the creator, Tyler Martin. Considering the comic started in 2005, I am impressed that it has aged well.
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Thank you for this!

I sampled a few and all gave me a smile. All I sampled made humor without punching down and had a nice uplifting to the heart.

Subscribed to the RSS and am looking forward to these showing up as well as going through the archive.
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