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Triforce is a short puzzle game by Patrick LeMieux (@alt254) and Stephanie Boluk (@chouxsalad) inspired by paradoxical places from the original Legend of Zelda. For Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Thank you! I’ll give this a try. The original LOZ was such a real place to me back in the day.
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I played with mouse+keyboard. It felt a bit of an exercise in deliberately bad controls (such as when you end up with "left"="up" due to rotation, and I never did figure out what I guess were the "klein bottle"-layout levels; sometimes I would end up actually unable to find a point to view myself from. On the other hand, it was short enough that these frustrations were not fatal.

I guess there were bombs and other unspecified secrets, but I never found them.

I realized too late that some moments in the dialog were "choices", did they have any gameplay effect?
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In before C&D.

In the case of the game needing to be altered to appease Reggie Fils-Aime, I suggest the name Triskelia - a cool symmetrical symbol from our own world.
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