"Crazy Russian Bluegrass"
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Olga Egorova is a mandolin/octave mandolin player from Moscow, and a member of Duo Ro, a guitar and mandolin duet (with Roman Palmov). Some of her tunes: "Mad Mood," ABBA's "Money" (performed on octave mandolin and a scooter), Isaac Albéniz's "Asturia," a "Russian - Ukrainian Medley," "Tarantella," David Grisman's "E.M.D." and some "Crazy Russian Bluegrass." More on her YouTube channel and Duo Ro's channel.
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Probably should have mentioned "Mamma Mia" on mandola.
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Thank you so much! DOT Jr. is gonna love this. He's been playing mandolin for two years. He really loves it, but relates more to younger players, as opposed to the crusty olds that play bluegrass of whom I am so fond. Her choices of material are gonna be perfect for him.
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needs a "postyouranimalinstrument" tag. Great post, thanks!
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DirtyOldTown: Tell DOT Jr to check out Tristan Scroggins, if he isn't already following him. It's admittedly bluegrassy.
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