the 12 days
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On the FIRST day of Christmas my true love gave to me: ♪♫♫♪ a DRAGON that was really hard to see ♫♪♪♫...
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For effect, it should have been "FIIIIVE SAWFLY KIDS" each tweet.

But this is really neat, thanks for posting!
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Wow! I had never seen or heard of most of these critters before. This is cool.
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cw: aaaagh
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The best version of that song by far!
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I guess I’m glad he clarified that his true love is the ability to experience nature, but I was getting pretty excited that this guy spent the holidays with his sweetie just straight up lavishing him with ever-increasing quantities of weird bugs
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I feel like "8 crimson stinkers" is going to be stuck in my head for a while.
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AITA: Boyfriend (28m) Keeps sending me more and more bugs, just boxes and boxes of weird bugs. then acts like a petulant child when I feed them to the many birds that I keep in the pear orchard out back. Admitedly my ex got me the birds and the pear orchard (I mean, it's only 12 trees, but I call it an orchard lol) so I guess there's some symbolism there, but I DON'T WANT BUGS AS A PRESENT!
I was talking to the 40 milkmaids who also live in the orchard (another gift from the same ex. So you can see why we split up!!!!) and they totally agreed that bugs are not a nice gift. They also asked for their freedom, but I need the milk they provide to feed the 100 person drum and pipe based dancing troupe (well dancing/leaping same thing AMIRITE) that lives in the orchard.

I think my BF is trying to rival the gifts from my ex, but I keep telling him that All the pears and milk get eaten by the dance troupe (which I don't even really like!) and the birds are a nuisance. Like, maybe he could get me an ipad or some nice boots, not 40 SAWFLY LARVAE or whatever!
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