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Bored Panda has a thread of 35 examples of rescued cats photographed on adoption day and then again recently, and the cats and humans are beautiful people who all deserve each other.
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About two weeks ago, I had to euthanize my 10-month-old rescue kitten because of FIP. As much as it hurt, these pictures remind me why I'll adopt another one some day.
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Rescue cats (and rescue pets in general) are just the BEST!
My lovely cat Phoebe is a rescue and every year on her adoption anniversary I send a current photo to the shelter. I always get an email back from them and they are always thrilled to see how healthy and happy she is.
Thanks for posting!
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This rules!

Here's Beans the day we got her. She was found by friends of friends, on the day she was born, half frozen on the stoop of their building in Brooklyn, with a sibling who didn't make it. We took her in when she was one week.

After nearly a decade of living in cramped NYC apartments, she's retired to Florida and is truly living her best life.

gladly, that's so brutal, I'm so sorry. I hope you're able to take solace in the fact that you gave that kitten the best life it could have had, and good for you already thinking ahead to the next one.
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Love #4

Before: Tiny, wide-eyed, terrified.
After: 200lb of tha fuck you lookin' at.
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gladly,, I'm so sorry. It's the worst. Your kitten was so lucky to have you.
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OK, every one of these cats is my favorite. And I'm a dog person, generally (don't tell my cats).
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My girl, Shakedown, the day before I adopted her and two years later. Hard to believe she's the same dog.

When I got her, she had heartworm and had been shot. She was malnourished and scruffy as hell. She's still a bit scruffy, still has part of a bullet in her, but is pretty damn healthy and unquestinably happy.
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All kitties are best kitties. We have two brothers from a litter that showed up in our yard two years ago. It used to be three, but... FIP. Right with you there, gladly. It sucks. The remaining two are absolute besties and snuggle together all the time. Their other two brothers (yes, five boys in one litter) are happy in another home, as are the three kittens from the SECOND litter from a SECOND mom that showed up in our yard before we had even finished socializing the first batch. We managed to get on top of things and TNR the two moms, along with a THIRD mom-to-be before she dropped a THIRD litter on us. All in one summer.
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Here's our Westie/Schnauzer mix then (adoption day, 2009) and now.
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so sorry gladly

these are all very good kitties
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#18 make a really striking pair!
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#7 has a strong Kate Blanchette vibe.
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Mod note: tonycpsu, your "then" link was borked in a way I couldn't guess at a fix for; repost or let me know what it was supposed to be.
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Sorry: then
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There's a great subreddit with lots of pictures like these, Before And After Adoption
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Wow, all of these (the pix in the link and the ones Mefites have shared) are such strong examples of how big a difference love and attention can make in the outcomes for a living creature.

Also, I'm a cishet guy, but I gotta say there is something incredibly hawt about good looking dudes hugging and nuzzling kittehs.
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I found early photos of my fat fuzzy sweetheart and had forgotten he was ever a skinny wee thing. My two half-feral kittens are now distinguishable because one is a beefy boy and the other a sleek little terror, about 10% feral in that they seek affection and get annoyed with themselves and you for this pet business after five minutes and nip.

This weekend we are expecting our first ever foster, a one eyed pirate boy who was rescued from a nearby island. I will pay the cat tax then.
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Anyone else get a "blind samurai" vibe from #9?
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These are all wonderful cats, but #26 is the one that made me stop and really look. That is a gorgeous cat!
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#19 looks like an animated cat version of Nosferatu.
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