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"Adventure Calendar" is a holiday-flavored RPG project from Grant Howitt.

Howitt, co-founder of RPG publisher "Rowan, Rook and Decard", is the author of a monthly inspired one-page free rpgs, including (perhaps most notably) "Honey Heist", in which your ursine characters have only two stats, CRIMINAL and BEAR. He is also the creator, along with Hearty Dice Friend Chris Taylor, of more substantial games, such as Spire: The City Must Fall, an innovative punk-inflected take on rebellion in a floating elven city, and its body-horror heavy follow-up, Heart: The City Beneath.

Each day through Christmas, a new table will be released for "Adventure Calendar" to assist in creating a holiday themed adventure scenario. Entries published so far include:

* DAY ONE: D10 Festive Spells
* DAY TWO: D10 Things To Eat And Drink At The Winter Festival
* DAY THREE: D6 Places To Go, People To See
* DAY FOUR: D10 Magical Gewgaws from Professor Flouro Wizbiz
* DAY FIVE: D6 Party Concepts
* DAY SIX: D6 New Arrivals from the Far North
* DAY SEVEN: D12 Fantasy Yule Lads
* DAY EIGHT: D8 Winter Festival Visitors
* DAY NINE: D8 Winter Festival Games
* DAY TEN: D8 Rumours From Afar

Happy Yule Y'all!
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Love these! Thank you!
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His monthly games have included christmas games before, of course.

You’re a time-travelling ghost, you killed Ebenezer Scrooge by mistake, and now the apocalypse is knocking at your door. Will this be the LAST CHRISTMAS?


We Three Kings
You are going to save baby Jesus and, by extension, save EVERY CHRISTMAS EVER.


Look: this gets very High Concept very quickly.
You’re Sean Bean – all of you. Each of you is five Seans Bean. You have to survive to the end of a film so you’ll be allowed to finally die on your own terms because you were cursed by a Cosmic Demon Witch back when the world was young. You also have to act in, write, shoot, light and cater the film.
Okay? Okay.

Merry Christmas.

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DM awards advantage on next die roll in recognition of “Seans Bean”.
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Howitt and Taylor are pretty funny guys. Their podcast is kinda formless at times, but if "Seans Bean" strikes a chord, the podcast is almost certainly worth a listen.
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Look, I'm Shawn Been, that's Seen Bawn, over here is Shawn Bawn, and this is Seen Been. We don't know who this fifth guy is. Roll for initiative.
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