"[...]a thought processor, headware for the computer generation." -- TL
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In recent years, GOG.com's famous re-releases of games long ignored by their publishers have petered out, although never quite stopped (largely thanks to rights-buyers like Piko, Ziggurat and Throwback). Recently, they rediscovered a game now owned by a book publisher: Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror, the 1985 party game designed to enable 'digitizing' and playing with/as any person, thing or concept imaginable - including in a collection of choice-based text adventures. (RPS article from years before the re-release)
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Their version of SimCity 2000 didn’t have the bugs. :(
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Works on:
Windows (10, 11)

Takes me right back to the eighties.
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I have a very vague memory of toying around with this back in the day on C= 64. I was like 17 or 18 at the time and didn't have the patience or understanding to delve into very deeply. It would be interesting to muck around with it today.

It seems to be available to play at Archive.org in a browser emulator.
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Here's good ol' Doctor Tim talking about the Mind Mirror program [3m45s], presumably from back in the day.
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I had this program! Never could figure out how to use it as a tool, but it was interesting to play around with.

It's based on research done by Dr. Leary in 1948, early in his career. The book Changing My Mind, Among Others is a collection of his papers, and the first chapter (Essays In Nuclear Psychology, specifically The Tracking of Human Behavior) is the basis for the circular chart separated into octants that is used as the personality graph which is the data structure underlying Mind Mirrors.

I felt like the software didn't come with enough explanation of the system of Interpersonal Psychology, and as a result it felt like wandering through a maze, one furnished with cool and funny stuff in different rooms for sure, but hard to comprehend as a whole. Reading the article before using the program helped a lot, though!

If you're interested in a summary of his original work, here's a link to Changing My Mind on Archive.org.
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That second dedication in the book didn't age too well, did it?
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The Digital Antiquarian talks about how this led to Leary and the "cabana boys" making the Neuromancer adventure game.
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That second dedication in the book didn't age too well, did it?

In his defense, this was the lie drummed into American schoolkids for several generations. I'd be more surprised to see anyone other than a historian in 1982 calling out Columbus for what a piece of shit he was.
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I understand why they don't, but I wish GOG still focused on the "good, old" part
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I wish there was a bundle for all the old non-Simcity Sim* games, and one for non-Zork Infocom games. When I look I see a lot of free downloads, but I have no idea which of the sites are reliable and which ones are malware. But still, it was darn useful this week, as I was spending part of my Christmas break going through boxes of old disks, mostly old backups but also some old games. If you are a packrat like me, it makes it so much easier to toss old stuff when your inner cry of "but what if I have a nostalgia kick and want to play it again" is answered with "there, I just spent $2 at GOG and downloaded the offline installer. Which will back up to the local server and also my cloud backup solution."

(I also had the delightful experience of finding, buried deep on one elderly disk, a partial archive of my UVA account from the early and mid 90s. Such a blast from the past looking through it.)
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