Mission In Snowdriftland
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Nintendo once had a flash game designed as a sort of advent calendar, each day advertising a new game in a very strong winter line-up. It had an expiration date and disappeared, but one YouTuber had fallen in love with it. Mission In Snowdriftland: Nintendo's Forgotten Flash Game [38m] outlines a 14 year passion quest full of twists and turns and a fortunate ending, from late 2020, right before Flash's demise.

Nearly 10 months later, What happened to that Mission In Snowdriftland remake? [14m] answers all of your remaining questions. Mission In Snowdriftland, includes a preview with three levels included.

Previously, from its original 2006 release.
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I've been circling around this post for a little while. I feel like I might have played this, but I'm not sure! I definitely remember a Flash game that had Nintendo wallpapers as prizes if you beat the levels, but I thought the developer was Nitrome. This looks fantastic, though, I might have to give it a try!
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Well, maybe I did... the dev team uploaded all the Nintendo goodies to archive.org, and that Twilight Princess wallpaper looks awfully familiar.
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