Need a Peptoc? Encouragement from kindergarteners
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Peptoc Hotline features pre-recorded life advice and encouraging messages from the students at West Side Elementary, a K-6th public school in rural Healdsburg, California. Call 707-873-7862 (707-8PEPTOC).

1 if you're frustrated
2 for life advice
3 pep-talks by kindergarteners
4 children laughing with delight
5 pep talks in Spanish
6 for how awesome you look
7 bonus advice
0 to donate
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I saw this yesterday on Instagram and called it. It is just as delightful as I wanted it to be.

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I'm in a drawn-out process of moving house, and sorting through 15 years' worth of poorly packed junk in my garage. Yesterday I spent 5 hours working in the cold garage, encountering much mouse poop, and finally 5 fat mice. First one came up the side of the box, I took the box outside into the heavy rain to try to let the mouse go outside. It scrambled up and over the side, and ran back in the garage. I went back in, kept working on the same box. Another mouse came out, then 3 all at once, scattering in different directions. Yes, there was some yelling and leaping about at that point.

I worked a couple more hours, then drove an hour home for a hot shower. Checking Facebook, a friend had posted this site. I called and listened to all the options, only took 5 or 6 minutes. It was absolutely the cheer I needed after a cold, dark, discouraging day!

And that's how I came to make my very first MetaFilter post!
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Because I wanted to hear some of the messages (without calling thanks to my lazy, lazy fingers), I found a brief video that has a few of the recordings. Sharing for everyone.

My favorite was the group of kindergartners yelling words of encouragement.

Congrats on your first MeFi post, dorey_oh!
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OH WOW this looks utterly fantastic.

I love the "You are not the only one who wants to sigh loudly" poster on the About page.

... I had a moment today where I was thinking about the elections, worrying, and then I thought: you know, there are a lot of good people in this country (and in the world); a whole lot of people doing good things.

I am so very glad Peptoc exists, and so glad to know about it. THANK YOU for posting it, dorey_oh! You've made my day.
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It's so wonderful. I called it when it was first making the social media rounds because I didn't believe it was real. I pressed every button to hear every message in both languages on the hotline and then I immediately donated to keep it funded. This is the art I want to see in the world!
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I am generally not into cute kid things but I did call this last night and I love it. Sometimes you do need a small child telling you you're awesome.
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You gotta love the name
posted by M. at 11:38 AM on November 8, 2022

I called it yesterday and it was adorable.
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THIS is why we need fully funded art programs in schools. :)
As we don't, I gave 'em a few bucks.)
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This is also why we need to keep MetaFilter from going belly up. Thank you for this fabulous post, dorey_oh! I am not on any social media but this place, so I would never have heard about it without your effort. I feel you on the garage-critter front. When I was cleaning out my garage prior to a move many years ago, I had to work around a large possum. It was unnerving.
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Just joyful! What a delight.
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When I first read the title, I wondered whether Pepto C was better than Pepto B.

(turns out, in some ways yes)
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Laid off? Past the initial adrenaline? Cleaning the toilet while ugly-crying? This is a tonic.
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When I was in law school, someone left post-it notes in random places all around the building with encouraging messages on them. They were cheesy, sure, but they made me smile and I loved wondering who was behind them. It was always the same handwriting, so I think a one-person project. This reminds me of that.
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I have had a very annoying recurring thing with my bank that is driving me crazy, on top of election nerves. I called for a Peptoc and was told "if you're frustrated, go get your wallet, and spend it on ice cream!" This is so lovely and I love it so much.
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