Westeros and Essos and Valentino
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Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire, love(d) them or hate(d) them, the clothes are fabulous! A Game of Clothes is a tumblr blog that deliciously, obsessively, meticulously records the real life styles the vast cast of characters would wear, and where they would wear them, and why, and who they are, and where they are from. Pretty much all the W questions, but most particularly, what would [ASoIaF Person] wear, or maybe who would wear [Famous Designer]? Basically a "Westeros Wear Daily."

This is definitely the sort of thing you'll like if you like this sort of thing, because it's all thoroughly tagged for following a character, a designer, a story location, a color, and more, as well as postings being organized in a virtual rainbow of colors .

You can follow a linear view, but it's also lot of fun to just surf the tags. (I've certainly lost more than a couple of days that way)

Though it hasn't been updated since 2017, the blog seems exhaustive ... a neverending (fashion) story, if you will. Its description reads: "This is a blog dedicated to what the characters of A Song of Ice and Fire would wear. After watching season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones, I read GRRM's series A Song of Ice & Fire, and I loved the descriptions of the clothes so much, that I have gathered images of what I think the characters might wear. For the full experience look at my archive." Here's that archive: Be amazed.
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(btw, I recommend the double column view rather than single column, at least if you are on a desktop / laptop, and I'd also turn off endless scrolling in your settings, if you haven't, because this blog really seems literally endless, and you'll never, ever find your place again with the scroll.)
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and here is another look from Bernadette Banner: Designing “Historically Accurate” Costumes for Fantasy: Game of Thrones Case Study
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Oooh, neat.

I feel about GoT/ASOIF much the way I feel about Star Wars - interesting universe, wish the stories being told in it were more my cup of tea. (Not a fighty comment - I am very happy for you if you like the stories!) But the costumes from the GoT tv series were always gorgeous (maybe HoD too, I quit early on). Fun to see someone combing the runways for more pretty looks.
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I love tumblr so much for incredibly niche blogs like this, and meticulous archiving, truly best of the internet stuff here. Thank you so much for sharing!
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wmo, I love Bernadette Banner! Thanks for that link!
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.... needs a "for the 1%" tag
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