The Haçienda
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The Haçienda - The Club that Shook Britain is an hour-long 2022 BBC documentary about Manchester becoming the center of the universe in the late 80s, with The Hacienda, a club founded by New Order and Factory Records that changed the the culture of the UK and far beyond.
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See also the “documentary” 24 Hour Party People.
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That went straight in the watch later (not at 1AM) queue. Thanks.
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Hell yes thank you this is extremely my shit
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If you're not familiar with the Factory Records cataloging system, there's a periodic table that can help you navigate.

"Encompassing not only regular music releases but also posters, concepts, videos, films, books, dentistry, animals, buildings and even the late Tony Wilson's coffin."

There's another documentary on the Haçienda circa 1999 called "Love Will Tear Us Apart", with the catalog number of FAC451. ("for 51", get it?)
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Until about '87 the Hacienda was a standing joke in Manchester. Until The International (a far better venue for bands) opened a lot of bands played there and that brilliant industrial design made for a place with absolutely awful acoustics.
When there was no band on it was just a cool but empty space.
I remember the first time I went in '84 and finding the scattered small round tables, at each of which was an angry looking young man in a long coat and a hostile haircut glaring at everyone while nursing a glass of shit white wine, absolutely hilarious.
Then the drugs changed and the music changed with them and it became almost impossible to get into (so we'd go to The Venue down the road which played the same music anyway). And then the guns arrived and it died.
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