It doesn't seem like she's that excited by it.
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I'm not always a fan of Drew Gooden's videos. His style is a bit irritating at times. But the video Buying the weirdest cat toys on the internet [20m] really made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Plus, it's about cats. And toys. Always a great combination.
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I laughed aloud multiple times, as well.
Never heard of the guy before, but I've gotten ads for many of the same cat toys, so it's nice to get to see them in actual use.
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Why was it necessary to say you don't like his content and you find him irritating?
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i watched that last week, and enjoyed it. i enjoy drew for the most part, and was of course immediately excited by the cat thing, as i love cats. i have to say, he ordered a couple of things i may have been tempted to order, and now i know not to.
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