Building a teardrop trailer in three weeks
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Every so often I get reminded of Xyla Foxlin's channel - watch it and think "I could do that" and then remember, no, you really couldn't, you dodo. :)

This is tempting though. I've got my little pickup truck and it would be nice to have a small trailer to take places.
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My BiL and his partner built a teardrop trailer, and it took them many, many months, because they both have jobs and no access to a CnC machine. And a kid. And he has a woodshop! He builds cargo trikes for a living.
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I saw that description and was like "gotta be Xyla", clicked the link, and yup! There's a follow up post where she adds a kitchen
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The trailer later got stolen (and recovered) @ xhitter.

Foxlin has been through a bit - she recently got evicted from her shop and the amount of harassment she gets is insane. And it's from all sides (TLDR: sometimes the ladies are terrible to each other, even if they actually know you).

Anyway, what is amazing to me is that she just went out and built a canoe out of cedar strips.
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It’s a tossup who I like more: Xyla or Simone Giertz. They’re both so enthusiastic it makes one laugh with joy! Simone might win by a bit for sticking it Elon Musk,
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I was just thinking that at least in the YouTube space that both of their communities seem pretty positive. Not terribly shocking, but still upsetting that fun engineers catch shit for the crime of being pretty and outgoing. (Mark Rober catches some flak, but not nearly as much, I would suspect)

Let people be awesome. Find what you do that's awesome even if it's just making the two square feet you occupy while standing a little better.
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That was delightful. I have no illusions about being able to do anything like this, but it is clear I will need to buy a f*ckton more clamps before even thinking about my next project.
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I have no desire to own, much less build a trailer, I don't camp, none of this fits me.

And yet, the video was delightful. Xyla is fabulous.
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Somehow clamps just keep being needed. I fix furniture and other things around the house and even without trying I have probably 20+ of various varieties including classic C clamps, modern bar clamps, spring clamps, etc.
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This is pretty cool. For anyone saying they can't do something like this, you'd be surprised what you can do if you're willing to take the time to learn and work at a slow enough pace so you don't make too many mistakes. The 'University of YouTube' is a huge asset to anyone trying to figure out how to make/fix stuff. Yes, you'll need more clamps, regardless of how many you already have.
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Whoa, that's wild -- a YouTube project video where people are wearing eye, ear, and respiratory protection pretty consistently.

The teardrop trailers always look claustrophobic to me. But otherwise they are neat, design-wise, reminiscent of boats with the curves and use of wood.
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Here's why Mark Rober deserves a little bit of shit. Overall, though, he's a positive influence and everyone seems to have forgiven him, so I'll just move on with my life.
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I've been working on mine when I'm home for over a year and still not done. Three weeks is phenomenal.
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Xyla! She used to be my neighbor, but I didn't know that until I ran into her at CES 2016 where she was promoting her remote-hug-vibrating teddy bears, and I was like "wait, I've seen you before..."
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I think maybe I could do that, following her plans. But I am wondering what the materials costs would be?
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