Janjaweed in Crayon
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On mission along the border of Chad and Darfur, Human Rights Watch researchers gave children notebooks and crayons to keep them occupied while they spoke with the children's parents. Without any instruction or guidance, the children drew scenes from their experiences of the war in Darfur. Here are those drawings.
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I heard about this on NPR this morning, and I meant to look for the images. This is totally amazing (and in another sense, totally scary and chilling). Children are awesome.
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Terrible, lovely, and heartbreaking. [Good.]
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Critique of children's artwork
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Those were incredibly hard to look at. Quite amazing.
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I heard about this on NPR this morning, too. Interesting. The quotes are fascinating, too:
Human Rights Watch: What’s happening here?
Mahmoud: These men in green are taking the women and the girls.
Human Rights Watch: What are they doing?
Mahmoud: They are forcing them to be wife.
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kids are amazing creatures. i am often sure they are closer to whatever the "answers" are in life then we as adults will ever be.

I am slightly suspicious of spontanious coloring activities. but whatever the motivation, these are facinating.
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"If a body catch a body comin' through the rye..."
Where oh where are the catchers in the rye?

Thank you for the amazing link.
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Salah, Age 13

“There were soldiers from Sudan, Janjaweed, and planes and bombs. I saw the Janjaweed take girls and women. The women were screaming. They seized them, they took them by force. The pretty ones were taken away…Girls were taken, small girls too, I think 5 and 7 and 14. Some came back after four or five hours…some we haven’t seen again.”
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Similar ahh, innocence (as in unfiltered) has came from North Korean children illustrating cannibalism.
Bad stuff.
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The story of what happened in North Korea will undoubtedly be among the most grim in mankind's history.
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I don't have one. I was thinking more about the stories that would come out of there once the present dictatorship collapses. That's going to have to happen soon; Kim must surely be heading toward death.

Hope the fucker doesn't think to take us all along with him. That could ruin a fellow's day.
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I believe that's exactly what I said.
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