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Only rarely is there an opportunity to participate in a molecular 'happening'. On an open field at Stanford University in 1971, several hundred students convened to undulate and impersonate molecules undergoing protein synthesis by a ribosome. Narrated by Nobel laureate Paul Berg and performed by a cast of very groovy cats. (via)
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Yay. I saw this video in freshman bio, and I've been jonesing for it ever since.
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I also saw it in freshman bio, annd have heard tons of other people say that, too. Is it required by law that professors show this?
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Ok, that's pretty neat.
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Ribosome What a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks Outgrabe! Turtles all the way . . .
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tRNA, peptide bonds, woo!
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Seems to me that the synthesis of LSD would have been a more suitable topic for that crowd...
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When I was in college (not so long ago), one of my housemates was a cell biologist who loved this video. I always meant to post it here, but by the time I actually had an account, I forgot where to find it. Good catch, Turtles.
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... my diagram is of necessity static ...

Yep kids, this is how things were done just before yer fancy computer graphics came along, it was all very labor intensive - all these students of course had to change career plans when the "nerds" revealed their world-changing computer technology shortly after this video was produced.
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This is awesome. I've never seen this before. I love how they're all rushing for the alcohol as the credits roll.
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nor have I. thanks, it really is awesome. Now I would like to see one about neural nets turning an input into an idea.
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Only in the 60's.
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Somehow, I reckon the video would be better if everyone involved were naked.
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Are those balloons or blown up condoms?
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Red Rover, Red Rover let protein come over.
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I saw this at a film club screening in a basement in San Jose last year. The two who put the whole project together came there to talk about it. He's a chem geek, and she's the choreographer. I'm ashamed to say I don't remember much of what they said. For her age, she's remarkably hot. Not atypical for a dancer I suppose. There was some discussion of LCD in the Q&A afterward, but I think they said it was just inspired by general 60's grooviness rather than any particular hallucinagens.
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