Pandora Podcasts on music composition and performance
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The Pandora Podcast Series: "The idea behind them is to provide some interesting, and hopefully entertaining segments on various aspects of music theory. Kind of like a peek under the hood of music composition and performance using lots of musical examples." So far they've covered vocal harmony, drumming, electric guitar effects, recording vocals and elements of salsa. Schedule for rest of 2007.
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Been listening to these since the beginning. For a guy like me who listens to quite a bit of pop music but has never really been involved in making it, they're great. For anybody who knows anything, I think, they'll be extremely basic and boring.
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I was actually just thinking about making a MeTa post asking if anybody wanted to trade Pandora stations.

Here is one that I've been working on lately.
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Thanks, Ira!
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Hey, great! I love Pandora, and I've found some neat music through them. I'll definitely check out their podcasts.
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Agreed Afroblanco...How does one link a station exactly?

I'm a novice of the Flash music internets.
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