Hometown Baghdad
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Hometown Baghdad Web documentary series about the life of 20 somethings living in Baghdad - an interesting addition to the list of more famous web threads on life in Baghdad.
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20 somethings?

I give. What are they?
You know, the things.
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119 more Iraqis killed today, just around Baghdad (an urban area of around 6 million people), and scores wounded. In my city of just under 1 million, for all of 2006, we had 140 murders, and we're the murder capital of Florida. In trying to imagine what a hell hole Baghdad's become, today kind of puts those statistics, and the complete failure of the American effort to provide "security" in the area, in perspective.

These Hometown Baghdad folks are doing something to show the world what life in a cesspool really looks like, 2 and 3 minutes at a time. How can they live in place where a year's worth of violence can happen, on any given day?

What's stunning is the matter-of-fact tones of voice in these kid's voices as they narrate their stories. They know what an aberration life in Baghdad has become, and yet speak of it in ways which show what some have called a "fatigue of outrage." But good on them for trying.
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But I heard General Petraeus regularly cruises around in an unarmed hummer looking to pick up some local Jihady chicks?
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20 somethings?

I give. What are they?
You know, the things.

What is it that you give?
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