Five Bad Boys With The Power To Rock You
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Maybe you saw Minesweeper: The Movie. It's typical of Elephant Larry' s sweet, savvy sketch comedy. If you like the parody preview genre, don't miss out on Gummi Bears: The Movie. If you don't, try the short film "Baby, Fix That Fusebox!" or perhaps Tall Cop, Short Cop, which is directed by none other than John Landis. My personal favorites are WHIT Radio and the audio (and stage) sketch Francophone. And guess what? If you live in LA, you can see them for free tonight at the Comedy Central Stage.
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My great-grandmother's half-sister's grand-daughter's third husband's grandson is in Elephant Larry.

No, really. He's the tall cop in Tall Cop, Short Cop.
posted by boots at 8:07 AM on September 25, 2007

I was taught a class in sketch comedy by someone in Elephant Larry.
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I always thought the minesweeping was a nautical thing, and the numbers represented, like, sonar pings.
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The Gummi Bears link seems to be broken.
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For some reason, I really love 1000 Mice.
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1000 Mice is great. But nothing amuses me like their recent TriDad.
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Could someone explain why Francophone is supposed to be funny ? Ce n'est pas drĂ´le du tout !
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It's funny, nicolin, because he somehow managed to make a trip abroad that was exclusively composed of places, things and events that one would find in a foreign language textbook.
posted by YoungAmerican at 11:56 AM on September 25, 2007

Thanks Jesse! Elephant Larry were great on the most recent Jordan, Jesse Go! Didn't realize they were behind the Minesweeper movie, but doesn't really surprise me now.
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I was always a fan of their Street Fighter sketch.
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