Phil the fish phishing school
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Want to teach the youngsters (or parents, or yourself) how to avoid phishing scams? Anti-Phishing Phil is an online-game that uses Phil the fish to teach just that. Apparently it's more successful than a tutorial with the same information.
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I have some friends who need to see this...
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I'm learning and eating worms at the same time! Wee!

Explorer, though? Hmm...
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I failed the second round. Sadness. This is a pretty good learning tool.
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username: mullacc
password: buttslol
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Thanks for the plug for our work! Oddly enough, I joined MetaFilter last week to comment on a post about my colleague Randy Pausch, and come back and see a post about work done by my colleagues and me.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for improving the game. Phil is part of our group's efforts to protect people from phishing attacks. We've also developed an email training system, and several algorithms for automatically detecting phishing email and phishing web sites. Our group's larger goal is to make usable privacy and security a reality.

A shameless plug: I'm giving a talk at MIT tomorrow (Friday) at 2PM summarizing all of our work on anti-phishing. It's in the Patil/Kiva Seminar Room (32-G449) in the Stata Center, part of the Human-Computer Interaction seminar. Would love to meet any of you if you can make it.

You can also see an older version of my anti-phishing talk on Google Video.

Finally, if any of you are in the Pittsburgh area, Carnegie Mellon University is hosting the Anti-Phishing Working Group's eCrime Research Summit, Oct 4-5.
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I'm going to send this to my dad. Thanks!
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Anti-Phishing Phil sez, "Your favorite jam band sucks!"
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Excellent post.

jasonhong outstanding additional information. Watched your presentation on google ... good show! Thanks for sharing.
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