Life Readings the Barbie Way
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Barbie Tarot.
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Wars of shallow valley girls and superficial men
Throws some Barbie tarot cards and...

posted by Wolfdog at 5:58 AM on January 29, 2008

This is amazing. Thanks.
posted by fiercecupcake at 6:00 AM on January 29, 2008

posted by grouse at 6:06 AM on January 29, 2008

Seriously, this is a great link. I was prepared to see some HURF DURF TAROT + some HURF DURF BARBIE, which would have been amusing enough on its own -- but the artist clearly takes both her Barbie culture and her tarot very seriously, which makes this a special kind of awesome.
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Really, just fabulous. A lot of work and thought went into this...not to mention Barbies I've never seen before. Great!
posted by The Light Fantastic at 6:31 AM on January 29, 2008

Great post - thanks!

Is that a Fabio doll?
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As a long-time Tarot reader, I'm not very happy with what she's done with the minor arcana, and the idea of the Queen of Hearts as Justice seems willfully perverse. But her identification of Elle as the Fool is sheer genius -- I had never realized before how much Elle captures both the good and bad characteristics of that card, right down to the little dog. (Is there a Barbie-as-Dorothy-Gale doll? She might have done too). And the more I think about it, even the changes in minor arcana, like swords &arrow; hats and cups &arrow; flowers make sense in terms of the Barbie way of doing things -- things can be difficult, but they're never really unpleasant.
posted by ubiquity at 6:42 AM on January 29, 2008

Agreed, this is fantastic, and usable. Only one real complaint: the Hermit totally deserves better.

Still, I'll never look at Barbie the same way again.
posted by hermitosis at 6:45 AM on January 29, 2008

What a unique post.... thanks for the link, it made for some fun morning reading.
(and now I want a Barbie ballerina doll.... damn)
posted by ForeverDcember at 6:46 AM on January 29, 2008

Oh my goodness. What amazing research. And who knew there were so many Barbies.
posted by divabat at 6:56 AM on January 29, 2008

goo: yes, yes it is.

fantastic find, thanks!
posted by lonefrontranger at 7:02 AM on January 29, 2008

I was prepared to see some HURF DURF TAROT + some HURF DURF BARBIE

I was kinda surprised that this wasn't what I got. Then surprise turned to confusion. I mean, wait, you're not making fun of something? On MetaFilter? Then I thought, am I a bad person for wanting more HURF DURF in my life?

This post really raised more questions for me than it answered.
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This is fantastic.

Moreover, despite a regrettable lack of diversity in the Barbie play line until recently and some really stupid marketing choices ("Math is hard"), Barbie has achieved every school and career goal she has ever set for herself. She has attended dozens of universities, played on both college and professional sports teams, become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, astronaut, paleontologist, ambassador, photographer, movie star, Army captain, artist, dentist, dog trainer, musician, firefighter, Shakespearean heroine and President of the United States, all while helping to raise her younger sisters, carrying on lifelong friendships and maintaining a romantic relationship of many years' duration. G.I. Joe's achievements don't come close.

That's definitely an interesting take on Barbie.
posted by lunit at 7:21 AM on January 29, 2008

Hmmm, there really should be an Action Man/GI Joe tarot...
posted by fearfulsymmetry at 7:22 AM on January 29, 2008

It would be remiss of me not to note that Earring Magic Ken is affectionately known among Barbie aficionados as "Cock Ring Ken" due to the silver loop on his necklace, and that this image is from a postcard licensed by Mattel and sold at FAO Schwartz.

Oh. I see.
posted by nebulawindphone at 8:14 AM on January 29, 2008

I love this. I had 42 Barbies as a girl. Every Saturday I would dress as many as I could in accordance with a theme, like national dress, or this! *Nostalgic cringe*
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur at 10:11 AM on January 29, 2008

Countdown to the Cease & Desist from cranky ol' Mattel... 3... 2... 1...
posted by miss lynnster at 11:50 AM on January 29, 2008

BTW, when I worked at Mattel they had life-size Barbies in the lobbies. When built to scale, MAN she is terrifying. Her neck is so long she looks like a Pa Dong woman with her spiral removed. And fyi, every year Barbie does get a birthday cake in the cafeteria and yes, it's pink.
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Wow, seeing my old Earring Magic Ken here was unexpected. I remember the day I took him home and gloated for about 30 days solid that I'd purchased him at Wal-Mart. His fake leather vest, his mesh shirt, his pants that un-velcroed in the back, and his penny loafers without socks, not to mention the one earring he wore... and he came with a pair of earrings! FOR ME!

This was the most interesting version of Ken I'd ever seen.

And it definitely looked like a cock ring around his neck. However, I vaguely recall there were some charms or something that you could snap onto it? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.


Also, what a nice way to look at lots of Bob Mackie's amazing outfits designed just for Barbie.

The Cups cards are wonderful. So are the Hats, and Swords... just amazing how much thought went into this! Thanks!
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 12:45 PM on January 29, 2008

Mattel would do well to note how seeing Barbie in different modes from their intentions actually spurs purchase behaviour, rather than discouraging it.
posted by batmonkey at 1:18 PM on January 29, 2008

Still pissed at my Mom for donating the Barbie collection to a church rummage sale. Excellent post. thanks.
posted by theora55 at 1:32 PM on January 29, 2008

The Tower is pretty apt. Hmm.. all pretty well done really.
posted by Smedleyman at 3:21 PM on January 29, 2008

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