Fantastic art by John Jude Palencar
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Just some cool dark fantasy art by John Jude Palencar, including covers for Lovecraft, de Lint, Tolkien and other popular books.
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I actually prefer some of the other lovecraft covers to the one in the Lovecraft link - they've got a faintly disturbing abstract floaty feeling to them that suits Lovecraft well.
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I love JJP. My favorite fantasy cover of all time is this one: Black Sun Rising. It's by Michael Whelan. I never thought I'd see better. I still prefer his Lovecraft stuff to JJP's. Then came along Brom. It's now a bit harder for me to figure out who my favorite cover artists is, but these are my top 3 for sure.
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de Lint? Really? Pocket or bellybutton?
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Finally, I find out who created one of my favourite paperback covers of all time: Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower.

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JJP has become the ubiquitous in SF covers. Grab any random 10 books of the self and you probably have 2 JJP covers.
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OK, this may be blasphemy for saying this but I don't care: I hate his Lovecraft covers. He has a nice, fluid style but I find his images misleading about the stories themselves. I never have pictured soft creatures with half their face in one of Lovecraft's stories. My wife bought me a collection that didn't have any of his art work on it and I prefer than many times more...and it's unabridged.
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Heh. Well I grew up with Tim White's covers being THE Lovecraft covers, make of that what you will.
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Paper Tiger
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Here's my favourite bit of Lovecraftian Tim White from that period - I've often felt that White's work has become a little overlooked, but his work (particularly for the Panther SF imprint) sometimes had a rare humour and a quite startling approach.
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Oh man I wish I'd seen this while the thread was still active! JJP was one of the people in my early life that really had a profound impact on me. I stumbled across HP Lovecraft at a very young age and was completely absorbed by the artwork on them. A long time ago I found two of my old books and decided to hunt down information on him, but at the time there wasn't anything available that I could find on the Internet.
Good to know he's still producing artwork! He's almost more Giger than Giger himself, and some of his more surreal pieces remind me of Bosch, but actually done well.
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