This song is the bomb diddy bomb di dang di dang diggy diggy.
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Cobrastyle is possibly the least "likely" Swedish pop song. And now, it's been covered by another Swede.

This post inspired by the AskMe about the lyrics.
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Man, black metal sure has changed.


Uh, yeah. Anyway, if Lovebug Starski were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave.
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"This video is not available in your country" ...
So which Swede was it?
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You know the song is good because it is in countless TV commercials. ;)
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I know it's not totally accepted here, but nothing encapsulates my feelings here like :psyduck:
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This is a rather old cover, but I did rock it for the longest before I learned it was a cover. In other old crazy Robyn cover news, Saul Williams' List of Demands.
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This has very little to do with the Cobra Kai dojo that I remember.
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stavrogin, here's your Cobra Kai video: Sweep the Leg
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Teddybears is one of my all-time faves.

And Lovebug Starkski made great pop. So, my guess is he would really be into it.
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As someone who loves both Cobrastyle and Robyn dearly, I approve of this post. Dearly.
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The Robyn version is astoundingly wretched. I read somewhere (while looking for a link for the question that inspired this FPP) that they had simplified the lyrics for her, but whatever they did wasn't enough for the poor woman.
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The Robyn version is astoundingly wretched.

if by "wretched" you mean "jarringly addictive and kind of awesome," then yes, it is totally wretched. Much in the way that youngsters today call things that they like "ill," or "bad," when in fact they are using those words to mean the opposite of what they actually mean!
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This song was in a movie or commercial or something, but I can't for the life of me remember what... somehow I feel like it was a beer commercial, but I could be wrong. In any case, I'm glad to finally know what this song is!
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If by "now" you mean "August, 2007"
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Unlikely? It's got a serious garage-rock riff going on there- and we know from International Noise Conspiracy and Turbonegro that the Swedes love their garage.
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I was seriously hoping that the "other Swede" was the one with an inordinate fondness for the word "bork."
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You know, I had no idea the Robyn song was a cover.

But I don't think anything Robyn covers will be quite as awesome as her version of Jack U Off.
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I've always felt that the idea of a band called Teddybears doing a song titled "Cobrastyle" to be wonderfully incongruous.

And such a damn catchy song (It'll be stuck in my head the rest of the day now, naturally.)

Which means I'll undoubtedly be singing it under my breath, and irritating everyone around me... which is also just excellent.
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Interestingly enough, Teddybears started off as a grindcore band. Really, look it up.
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cashman, NO NO NO NO NO. Oh no. I should have known going in that, no matter who covered Saul, it would be bad, but yikes. DO NOT WANT.

My 360 gamertag name is Black Stacy. I <3>
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Another of their songs to be used in American commercials.

I'm more partial to Royksopp myself
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These are fantastic. I thank you from the bottom of my Swedish pop loving heart.
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I'm not a big fan of the song (although I can't get it out of my head) but it's certainly one of the top ten strangest things I've seen on Letterman.
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