The Space Game
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The Space Game -- Friday U.S. Federal Holiday Flash Fun. This Flash game combines the resource gathering and management of a standard strategy game with the tower-defendiness of a tower defense game. Build a network of mining stations and solar collectors, and protect them from pirate raiders with repair stations and missile and laser turrets.
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I played this for like an hour last night.

I found it too easy, to be honest. I got through every mission on the first try.
posted by empath at 9:18 AM on February 16, 2009

Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but Minions by the same guys is an amazing team flash game which is reminiscent of Bolo. Minions basically eats up all my free time.
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Wow, this was great. The flows of energy and minerals work much like Total Annhilation and Supreme Commander, although the design of your energy network is something else. I was surprised that asteroids block your energy network but don't block attacks; you could get some interesting tactics if things could hide behind asteroids. I'd love to see a player vs. player version of this.

I think "too easy" is just fine for casual games like this, at least until it's boring. FWIW I had a mildly challenging time on mission 3, then I got bored and stopped.
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Also if people get the Minions bug, my username on casual collective is keith.
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This is I've ever played.
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Is it just me or does the difficulty curve swoop up dramatically for the last level?
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Yeah last level is pretty much unbeatable. That wave of ~75 fighters followed closely by the ringships just stops me dead.
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Reminiscent of Harvest. Good quality Flash game nonetheless.
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I read empath's "Too easy" and thought, Great! Just what I'm looking for. Then I got to the last round. The second time through I made it to 2 minutes and change remaining before being overwhelmed. I think one of the keys is energy storage, something that is completely unnecessary in the other 9 levels. A couple upgraded banks got me four minutes closer to survival. I'm trying to decide if it's worth another go.
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Nice one, thanks for the post
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I didn't really have much problem on the last level.

Start with 4 solar panels immediately, then start building miners, and keep upgrading your solar panels until you start seeing your energy going up faster than it's being used. Once that's done, build at least 2 energy storage things.

You really need to get some fully upgraded missles and the $500 lasers up and fully upgraded fairly quickly or you'll get hosed when the o-ships come.
posted by empath at 3:37 PM on February 16, 2009

Also, don't get stingy with the miners. Drop 2-3 by each asteroid and upgrade them.
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If you want a challenge, try the 'mining missions' where you basically get to build an empire, and see how far you can get. There are a couple of different difficulty levels.
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Okay, the Mothership Mission, WTF?

I can't hold them off any serious way. I think I'm missing something.
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For motherships you want a bunch of upgraded THELs. And those are all about power, so batteries and solar generators is the key.
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The trick with the mother ships is that they'll attack what's closest at their max range, and the THELs have a longer range. Build some crappy pulsers to take out fighters, and put them in a circle around your base. Then, build some THELs behind them, and maybe a missile launcher or two (keep some minerals around, as they fire minerals and not just energy). Get your generator maxed out and a battery (THELs eat a ton of power), and also build a repair station to keep the pulsers up so that the motherships are at a good distance for the THELs to attack without being hurt.
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I found missiles to be much more key to the Mothership mission, personally.

But then, I suck hardcore at RTS. I do love that this one has a pause function. And you can place buildings and give orders while paused! If only Starcraft had had that option, I wouldn't have had to cheat in order to beat it...
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I've found that enough THELs will take out all the waves of motherships on their own -- but you need to store enough juice to power them. Start out with a bunch of generators and a bunch of energy storage units. The trick is to save just enough to keep the THELs firing until the last enemy is defeated.

I'm really enjoying this game.
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motherships are stupid and will attack energy conduits. build a large network of cheap conduits to distract if you find yourself vulnerable
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This game just ate my week.
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I hear ya
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