September 27

Machines Parlantes

Quazel lets you practice languages by conversing with a machine learning system.
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The Gran Turismo of Animal Crossing

Tim Rogers explores the nature of nostalgia, Kansas, the 8-hour intro of the original Dragon Quest 7, Japan's relationship with summer break and the idealization of its rural countryside, the nostalgia of others, tank controls and more in Action Button's (6-hour long) review of Boku no Natsuyasumi: a summer vacation adventure video game.
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Passive Income is Neither

Contrepreneurs: The Mikkelsen Twins - from Dan Olson, the man who (sort of... not really) singlehandedly crashed the NFT market comes a wild ride into the world of passive income scams. [more inside]
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Ultra Rare Diamond Suggests Earth’s Mantle Has an Ocean’s Worth of Water

A beautiful blue flaw in a gem-quality diamond from Botswana is actually a tiny fragment of Earth’s deep interior—and it suggests our planet’s mantle contains oceans’ worth of water.
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A Cold Winter Is Likely

A weak polar vortex is likely. To summarize everything, there are two main things to take away from this development. First, strong high-pressure systems will impact the Polar Vortex more directly. Pressing upwards and sending energy waves, we are seeing a reduction in the power of the Polar Vortex. [more inside]
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Anthropocene Detonators

Feral Atlas shows the landscapes created by Invasion, Empire, Capital and Acceleration. The project defines “feral” ecologies as ecologies that have been encouraged by human-built infrastructures, but which have developed and spread beyond human control.
Note: Use the ☰ menu at the bottom of each landscape to navigate, click "Reading Room" for essays and videos. Moderate level of academic/art world writing. [more inside]
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Rare and unusual violation of Betteridge's Law spotted in wild

Should applicants be paid for job interviews?
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Hurricane Ian is a major hurricane and current forecasts place it as intensifying and slowing in its northern movement with a near direct hit in Tampa Bay. [more inside]
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September 26

Sterling pounded

The pound fell to record lows this week, prompted by a tax-break filled Tory budget. Some mortgage lenders have temporarily withdrawn their products from the market in anticipation of rising interest rates and one economic commentator said investors view the Conservative Party as a 'doomsday cult'.
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Sour Caroline

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (Diagnostix Bootleg). [more inside]
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Adult content returns to Tumblr an opt-in setting, with community flagging and human review. Here's the staff post about it. [more inside]
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The Cost Of Doing Business

After dealing with a number of personal and social issues throughout the pandemic, Innuendo Studio has another part to the Alt-Right Playbook, in which the way in which white supremacy is handled between white moderates and conservatives is broken down, and how the marginalized become the tokens in a game between those two groups. [more inside]
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jazz - a 1-minute twitter video
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A terrible guide to the terrible terminology of U.S. Health Insurance

As predicted in 2020 by futurology site Hard Drive, Brian David Gilbert spends 30 minutes explaining the basics of U.S. Health Insurance.
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"Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries"

The Guardian excerpts "Madly, Deeply: The Alan Rickman Diaries." Alan Rickman kept a diary and shared his thoughts on Harry Potter, Love Actually, 9/11, 7/7, and much more. Yes, it's all as dry, withering, and human as you'd expect. Glorious! [more inside]
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Skip this post.

For more than two decades, Kurt Steiner has dedicated his life to skipping rocks. His record of 88 skips may never be touched. But spend a little time with him, and you’ll realize it’s not really about records. Stone skipping is so much more than that. Skipping has brought Steiner respite from a life of depression and other forms of mental illness. It has also, in part, left him broke, divorced, and, since the death of his greatest rival, adrift from his stone-skipping peers. Now, in middle age, with a growing list of aches and pains, he must contemplate the reality that, in his most truthful moments, he throws rocks not simply because he wants to, but because he has no choice. [more inside]
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Let the Arguing Begin!

The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

Giving no restrictions on era or genre, we ended up with an eclectic list where the wholesome children’s television institution Sesame Street finished one spot ahead of foulmouthed Western Deadwood, while Eisenhower-era juggernaut I Love Lucy wound up sandwiched in between two shows, Lost and Arrested Development, that debuted during George W. Bush’s first term.

Rolling Stone updates their 2016 list of All Time Best TV Shows.
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I guess that's unavoidable, if your rotations-count per orbit is a prime

Someday aliens are going to land their saucers in a field somewhere in New Jersey and everything is going to go just fine right up until we try to explain our calendar to them: a Twitter thread that casts our calendar in a whole new light.
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The rent is too damn low

Hello, gadders-about; welcome to Monday, where this poster will be living rent-free in your thread. [more inside]
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Pointless particles

'No one in physics dares say so, but the race to invent new particles is pointless' by astrophysicist Sabine Hossenfelder, writing in the Guardian.
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September 25

He Delivers

Eliud Kipchoge's bottle man, Claus-Henning Schulke, had a good day. (SLYT) [more inside]
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Hitachi Vodafone Huawei

A timeline of the tech sector through football shirts. "Believe it or not, Samsung Mobile was a small player in the world of handsets when their deal began with Chelsea in 2005."
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Charlie Dean (run out) Sharma 47

In 1947, Vinoo Mankad ran out Bill Brown at the bowler's end of the crease, giving his name to the unusual (and controversial) dismissal. Most recently, Deepti Sharma, at Lord's, ran out Charlie Dean to win the match for India. So, is it within the rules of cricket? Or is it unsporting?
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In Urbit's orbit

People kept talking about a “vibe shift,” but what had shifted was that all people seemed to talk about were vibes... the vibe was ambient grift, with an undercurrent of paranoia.
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On Sept. 16th a young Kurdish Iranian woman died in a Tehran hospital

The death of Mahsa Amini [Wikipedia article] after being held in custody by the Iranian morality police has led to a wave of protests in Iran that have spread around the country. The Iranian government has cracked down hard, with at least dozens dead [archive], and taken steps to limit internet access in Iran. The morality police, or Gasht-e-Ershad, and the laws they enforce have been the target of the protesters' ire, though the government as a whole is feeling under threat. Meanwhile, protests continue, documented in videos that circulate online.
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Moon to Mars activities and asteroid crashing

NASA published its new strategic objectives. And a lot more is going on. Just past the fall equinox, we catch up with humanity's exploration of space. [more inside]
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Wa don't need no stinking democracy!

Kobach lays out plan to remove abortion rights in Kansas after failed amendment. ( The change, Kobach said, would clear a path for the state to “slowly and quietly” place anti-abortion judges on the state’s high court with the ultimate goal of overturning the Kansas Supreme Court’s 2019 Hodes decision that found the state constitution includes the right to an abortion. Kobach blamed the August defeat partly on the wording of the Republican-crafted Value Them Both amendment, saying it confused voters and allowed the Vote No campaign to “muddy the waters.”
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"Every day is April Fool's in nutrition."

Bitter chocolate tastes bad, therefore it must be good for you,” he said. “It’s like a religion.” [more inside]
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September 24

Evil across the millennia

From Nurse Ratched to Kai Winn, Louise Fletcher always kept a smile on her face while she destroyed your world in ways you hadn't imagined possible. Rest in peace, great actor.
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"plausibly polished logos"

Claire Hummel described and illustrated fake video games such as "Pro Poker Amateur" and "It's Probably Fine".
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Nine Inch Nails Live Q&A from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Streamed live yesterday as part of NIN Appreciation Day, join Trent and Atticus and nearly the entire other cast of Nine Inch Nails for Nine Inch Nails Live Q&A from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [1h10m]
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It is a Gladiator Pit and Bitch, You Are Not Armed

From Musings of a Crouton, the entry warning to the Internet (think of it more as a spoken-word piece). [more inside]
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The Captain and Tenebrous Spiels

MeFi's Own Andy Baio is tracking a mystery over on A mysterious voice is haunting American Airlines’ in-flight announcements and nobody knows how
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¡No Controles!

Meet the Women Reinvigorating Spanish Indie Rock. [more inside]
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It pairs well with garum.

This miracle plant was eaten into extinction 2,000 years ago—or was it? is an article in the National Geographic by Taras Grescoe [previously] about the potential rediscovery of the favorite herb of the Romans, silphion, [prev & iously] in Turkey by Prof. Mahmut Miski. Grescoe put a bit more info in a Twitter thread, and if you have access, you can read Miski’s scholarly article here.
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"Isn’t Star Trek: The Next Generation just a remake of The Smurfs?"

Stephen Lindholm's Smurf Research Center lists a treasury of Smurfy miscellanea. It has all the episodes of the show with plot synopses, speculates about the existence of gay Smurfs (with only one adult female, how could there not be?), and also records systematically whatever the hell it is that Gargamel wanted them for. The title of the post comes from their "magnum opus," The Exegesis of the Smurfs. [more inside]
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Star Trek: The Motion Picture is finally complete

After 1500 or so edits, Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a film that finally feels properly paced, looks stunning, and, after long last, no longer keeps the viewer at arm’s length.
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"So there's one in the breach?"

It started with a tweet highlighting an episode from On the Air, a series of short animations from BBC Northern Ireland of talk radio from The Gerry Anderson Show dating back to the 2000s. The hypno-hen soon went viral, and now the late broadcaster's family have set up a website in his honour. [more inside]
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The World We’re Losing by Larissa Diakiw

The first time I saw these swaths of burnt-pumpkin, dead forest, I felt a pain in my chest, though I will admit that I still hadn’t accepted or allowed myself to reveal this to others, consider it legitimate, or let myself feel it, so it became a stunted obscure pain. A pain I considered immature, juvenile, weak. This is the first time I can remember my own eco-grief. An elastic tight feeling inside my chest. I will always equate the orange colour of dead pine needles with the colour of death.
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September 23

What if your friends’ art sucks?

We were here to “Make friends, not art!” Well, that sounds fun. But what if your friends’ art sucks? Documenta was always a pacesetter — and this year’s edition certainly put its finger on a larger shift, seen too in our museums, our art schools and our magazines, away from aesthetic ambition and intellectual seriousness and toward the easier comforts of togetherness, advocacy and fun. If your friends’ art sucks, that’s actually no big deal — because being together matters more than doing something well. And if the German press say your friends’ art sucks, that’s OK, too — reassuring, actually, as evidence that this rotten colonizers’ world has no place for us. [more inside]
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"Warmth, Björk"

Björk (wiki) has a podcast: "In the conversations on this podcast me and my friends try to capture which moods, timbres, and tempos were vibrating during each of my ten albums...I hope you enjoy it." -from the trailer to Sonic Symbolism. [more inside]
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Women in Comics

Women in Comics [via mefi projects] [more inside]
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Vultures Prevent Millions of Tons of Carbon Emissions Each Year

Vultures get a bad reputation for their carrion-scavenging ways, but their dietary habits prevent the release of greenhouse gases
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A food for unmarried men who didn’t know how to cook

San Francisco’s Famous Sourdough Was Once Really Gross
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Sometimes it takes a clown to make you cry

Why does Adam Sandler's 'Click' make men cry? Despite being widely recognized as a bad movie, Adam Sandler's Click apparently makes a lot of men cry. Even men who acknowledge the movie's many failings still admit to weeping at the end. Some go so far as to mention crying at the end of Click on their dating profiles. [more inside]
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Ukraine war month seven, Russia mobilizes

Russia has been on the receiving end of the Ukrainian counter offensive for about four weeks now, and things have not been going well for them. During the retreat from the Kharkiv area, the 1st Guards Tank Army, the most prestigious major unit of the Russian Army, was for all intents and purposes routed. Russia's major reinforcement unit, the 3rd Army Corps, was moved into theater and practically melted away. In reaction to these events, the Duma has pushed through a new conscription law, and the Kremlin has announced a partial mobilization. How many people will be called in is unclear, as one clause of the order is secret. Russian industry has also been urged to ramp up production. [more inside]
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i tried to think of a Hellraiser joke about drum machines and souls but

Can I offer you a fully operable web implementation of the Roland TR-909 drum machine in this trying time?
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Making Brazil '64 Again

With Brazil's Presidential election first round on October 2nd. The Department for Making Brazil '64 Again has authorised a tourism ad which is surprisingly honest and informative!
UOL who first printed the story of Jair Bolsonaro’s murky family finances claiming the Brazilian president and close relatives used cash to pay for more than 50 properties worth millions of dollars have just had a judicial order to remove the stories.
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It Won't Be the Last Time Baboons are Mentioned, Either.

Trombones. Hot dogs. Baboons. Collectible cards. Lore. Trombone Champ has it all. [PC Gamer] [more inside]
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The life so short, the craft so long to lerne

Dame Hilary Mantel, author of (among others) the Wolf Hall trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, has died of a stroke at age 70. Among previous appearances on Metafilter: discussing historical fiction, describing life in the court of Henry VIII, and recounting her own history with endometriosis. [more inside]
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