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Ancient Hill Rice Rediscovered

A staple of African cooking that was thought lost was found in a small field in Trinidad. The fat, nutty grain, with its West African lineage and tender red hull, was a favored staple for Southern home cooks during much of the 19th century. Unlike Carolina Gold, the versatile rice that until the Civil War was America’s primary rice crop, the hill rice hadn’t made Low Country plantation owners rich off the backs of slaves. The search for the missing grain led to Trinidad and Thomas Jefferson, and now excitement among African-American chefs. [more inside]
posted by MovableBookLady at 3:13 PM Feb 19 2018 - 16 comments [34 favorites]

My ready meal is none of your business

Jack Monroe (previous) has responded to a now deleted tweet by Bath Conservatives suggesting Monroe is the poster girl for eating on £10 a week. Monroe's response: I have lived, waiting in fear for this moment, for almost six years. Waiting, to be upheld as some kind of justification for the deepest incisions of Conservative cuts as they seek to justify their barbaric policies by attaching them to someone who can be used as an example of ‘pulling themselves up by their bootstraps’. [more inside]
posted by threetwentytwo at 1:33 AM Feb 20 2018 - 28 comments [26 favorites]

"This is really scorched earth"

IBM Sues Microsoft's New Chief Diversity Officer To Protect Diversity Trade Secrets: IBM has filed suit against one of its longtime executives, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, alleging that her new position as Microsoft’s chief diversity officer violates a year-long non-compete agreement, allowing the Redmond company to use IBM’s internal secrets to boost its own diversity efforts. [more inside]
posted by not_the_water at 1:51 PM Feb 19 2018 - 46 comments [23 favorites (22 in the past 24 hours)]

Stop calling it seaweed.

From Overfishing to Sustainable Farming. The innovative 3D model for ocean farming employs hurricane-resistant anchors on the seafloor at the edges of the farm, connecting with ropes to buoys on the water’s surface. Another rope runs horizontally about eight feet below the surface. The kelp is grown on ropes hanging down off the horizontal rope, creating a vertical growing space. “Next to the kelp, we’re growing scallops and mussels, also vertically, and then further down, we have oysters in cages, and then clams actually down in the mud,” Smith explains. “The vertical-water-column approach reduces the farm’s footprint, and the multiple species create a diversity so that a farmer is protected should anything cause one of those crops to falter or fail in a given season.”
posted by emjaybee at 7:40 AM Feb 20 2018 - 18 comments [22 favorites]

Cambridge researchers attempt to vaccinate against Fake News

“The idea is that once you’ve seen the tactics, and used them in the game, you build up resistance,” said Sander van der Linden, director of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab. Researchers at the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab have built an online game designed to reveal the key strategies used in the creation and dissemination of fake news. About the game. Previous related research into the subject from the same institution.
posted by Chairboy at 2:32 AM Feb 20 2018 - 21 comments [20 favorites]

Your Cortex Contains 17 Billion Computers

It's a neural networks of neural networks up in your noggin. (Dr. Mark Humphries for Medium) [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief at 7:08 PM Feb 19 2018 - 30 comments [18 favorites]

from psy-op pamphlet to stateside souvenier

Afghan War Rugs And The Lossy Compression Of Cultural Coding [Twitter][Spooler (req. login) ] [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns at 9:58 PM Feb 19 2018 - 3 comments [18 favorites]

Cooking with Ursula K. Le Guin

Recipes based on food from Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand Of Darkness
posted by Artw at 1:19 PM Feb 19 2018 - 11 comments [17 favorites (15 in the past 24 hours)]

No chicken for you! (and no wages for you)

While in the USA they sell scratch and sniff cards, and in Australia serve tanks and discuss naked wrestling, in the UK KFC aren't doing well. Following several days of closures and "everything but chicken" menus, most branches of KFC stay shut. This began when, though warned, KFC switched to a cheaper deliverer - "optimised delivery scheduling" - who promptly could not deliver ("It's pretty complex!"). Speculation on why continues, while KFC staff are being accused of chicken smuggling and "encouraged" to take holidays by KFC. Politicians have been contacted by constituents (some resorting to vegetables), while closures also affect Taco Bell. As ever, Twitter (and dead royalty) is unhappy, though in the not-distant future, a tasty new flavour of chicken may be sold in Britain. Mmm!
posted by Wordshore at 5:26 PM Feb 19 2018 - 59 comments [12 favorites]

devoid of verse numbers and footnotes, so it reads less like a textbook.

'Manuscripts' Encourages Readers To Approach The Bible Like A Novel [NPR] “But there's also been a surge of interest in engaging with the Bible in the same way you would a novel, free of footnotes and asides. That's the approach taken by the small team behind Manuscripts, a new version of the Bible in the form of individual pocket-sized volumes – the first of which are coming out this month after a successful crowdfunding campaign. "Our research showed us that people were often intimidated by how it's traditionally been presented; as one big book," says Manuscripts creative director Jacob Scowden. "We wanted to give an ease to it, and reemphasize the effectiveness of reading the Bible as individual books."” [more inside]
posted by Fizz at 6:12 PM Feb 19 2018 - 52 comments [12 favorites]

What is reality, man?

Trypophobia may not be a real phobia. There is no green apple Gummi Bear flavor. Basically, our senses may not be reliable.
posted by Johnny Wallflower at 8:49 AM Feb 20 2018 - 70 comments [12 favorites]

Rednecks: a short fiction

"The miners are coming down from the hills, rising up out of the ground... They have knotted red bandanas around their necks, as if their throats have already been cut." A short story about very fine people from North Carolina novelist Taylor Brown, inspired by the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain--the largest labor uprising in United States history--and the bloody 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.
posted by xylothek at 8:08 AM Feb 19 2018 - 8 comments [18 favorites (10 in the past 24 hours)]

Fair go, sport!

“The irony of athletes from Great Britain, which spent £275m on preparations for the Rio games, raising fundamental questions about fairness in a race against an athlete from a country that spent less than £1.9m has somehow been lost” wrote the South African author and commentator Sisonke Msimang. Grauniad link.
posted by spaceburglar at 3:32 PM Feb 19 2018 - 5 comments [10 favorites]

There's no wine at Wendy's

Wendy's Shabbat. The story of some eighty-something Jewish friends and their 97-year-old rabbi, who found an unorthodox way celebrating their Friday night meals. From the new film by Rachel Myers.
posted by Mchelly at 5:30 AM Feb 20 2018 - 15 comments [10 favorites]

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Watch Knife Skills (full video - 40 min), the Oscar-nominated short documentary about the opening of Edwins, a fine French restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, that is staffed almost entirely by ex-inmates with no prior restaurant experience. They have to learn everything there is to know about French food and restaurants in a very short period of time.
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 10:07 PM Feb 18 2018 - 4 comments [27 favorites (9 in the past 24 hours)]

Because I do not care to enlarge my menagerie of pets...

In 1889, Tit-Bits magazine offered prizes to single, female readers who sent in the best answers to the question: ‘Why Am I A Spinster?’ Here are some highlights... [sl twitter thread] [more inside]
posted by Freelance Demiurge at 10:22 PM Feb 18 2018 - 22 comments [34 favorites (8 in the past 24 hours)]

Ike Did 9/11

Happy Presidents’ Day, they’re all awful. Here’s one ghastly fact about 45 presidents.
posted by The Whelk at 3:15 AM Feb 19 2018 - 89 comments [26 favorites (7 in the past 24 hours)]

Who kills Bambi?

‘People think the deer are lovely. Then they learn more about it’: the deer cull dilemma. The Scottish Highlands have a deer problem. Is shooting tens of thousands of them the only solution?
posted by fearfulsymmetry at 5:01 AM Feb 20 2018 - 106 comments [7 favorites]

Back in 1973, there was a girl from Tennessee

'Dolly Said No To Elvis' by Mark Nevin (ex Fairground Attraction), animated by Heather Colbert ... being the true story of the time a certain singer songwriter turned down The Colonel. It proved to be the right decision.
posted by fearfulsymmetry at 12:56 AM Feb 19 2018 - 11 comments [13 favorites (6 in the past 24 hours)]

Missouri Fought For Years To Hide Where It Got Its Execution Drugs.

To hide the identity of the new pharmacy, the state has taken extraordinary steps. It uses a code name for the pharmacy in its official documents. Only a handful of state employees know the real name. The state fought at least six lawsuits to stop death row inmates and the press from knowing the pharmacy’s identity. Even the way Missouri buys and collects the drugs is cloak-and-dagger: The state sends a high-ranking corrections officer to a clandestine meeting with a company representative, exchanging an envelope full of cash for vials of pentobarbital. Since 2014, Missouri has spent more than $135,000 in such drug deals. - The secretive company behind Missouri’s lethal injections [SLBuzzfeed]
posted by supercrayon at 10:59 AM Feb 20 2018 - 24 comments [6 favorites]

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