February 14, 2016

Our Nimble Lass

Back in March, a few of us here at the magazine got e-mails from friends who had seen an intriguing item listed on eBay. “1930s stripper/dancer scrapbook—Cincinnati,” the posting announced, “Jean Harlow’s double.” So we bought it. But who was she? [more inside]
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Who gets scarce drugs?

While Martin Shkreli's decision to raise the price of a cancer drug by a factor of more than 50 has attracted some bad press, another problem plagues patients: drug shortages are forcing doctors to ration access. [more inside]
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The Tiniest Gallery

The Tiniest Gallery "I like art, so I built a single-serving art gallery that features local artists and hung it on the fence outside my house. " [via mefi projects]
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a big heads up

How 43 Giant, Crumbling Presidential Heads Ended Up in a Virginia Field
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Making sense of the Oregon standoff

A Montana based, politically conservative journalist went to Oregon looking for kindred spirits. He didn't find them. He does, however, connect some dots between economic despair, the Arizona Strip and the Taylor Grazing Act, the Mormon Church, the Koch family, CS Lewis, the US Constitution, and the likely undiagnosed mental illness that led some of the occupiers to risk their lives in defense of principles they simply have no basic understanding of.
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It’s just not worth it.

You see them everywhere—exhausted young women pouring all their spare energy into organising, encouraging and taking care of young men who resent them for doing it but resent them even harder when they don’t. You see them cringing for every crumb of affection before someone cracks and it all goes wrong and the grim cycle starts again. You can fritter away the whole of your youth that way. I know women who have. - Laurie Penny, Maybe you should just be single [SL NewStatesman]
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The Taste of Honey

Honey An organization dedicated to stopping the silence on the subject of sexual assault. Survivors share their truths, find support, and bring awareness to their community.
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"I thought of myself as an accomplished woman of lively contradictions,

My Last JDate - "At 54, after 30 years of marriage and two of loneliness, I went on JDate to find a man and found Dean." [more inside]
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Brazil's Dysfunctional Prison System and more

Two articles by Carla Ruas a Freelance writer and photographer based in Brazil.
Running the joint: - This is the story of Presídio Central, a correctional facility in Brazil that has become a headquarters for the organized crime. And it all began when a cab crashed into the lobby of the fanciest hotel in town. [more inside]
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"Death, The Prosperity Gospel, and Me"

An essay [NYT] by Kate Bowler, author of Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel, following her diagnosis with stage 4 cancer. The prosperity gospel has taken a religion based on the contemplation of a dying man and stripped it of its call to surrender all. Perhaps worse, it has replaced Christian faith with the most painful forms of certainty. [more inside]
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"there are ten enthusiastic seconds in 6 weeks"

What is the coolest mathematical fact you know? (SLReddit)
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Valentine, be the unforgiving tundra to my deranged penguin.

Tell the people you care about that you love them with a Werner Herzog Valentine. [more inside]
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Life is too damn short for phone calls

Why Texting is Better Than Calling
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All You Need is Chocolate, Butter and Eggs

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Flourless Chocolate Torte but Were Afraid to Ask
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I’m going to call my sister & order sushi. You should do something, too.

Valentine's Day Poems for Married People - by John Kenney (SLNewYorker) [more inside]
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It must be nice to have Washington's hairdresser at your side

National Geographic's Robert Krulwich discusses George Washington’s Oh-So-Mysterious Hair (which was red, and not a wig!). Includes a set of delightfully-illustrated instructions for replicating Washington's signature look, just in case you want to look like a dollar bill.
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5th-grader Nigerian-American Ify Ufele channeled the bullying she got for her size towards designing and making Chubiiline, a line of plus-size fashion with African influences.
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Midnight Radio

A beautiful standalone comics story.
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Pray and Obey

[Warning: not a pleasant read] A Polygamist Cult's Last Stand: The Rise and Fall of Warren Jeffs Previously, 1, 2, 3, 4.
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Equality by Edward Bellamy

Equality [internet archive] was first published in 1897: "The story takes up immediately after the events of Looking Backward with the main characters from the first novel, Julian West, Doctor Leete, and his daughter Edith. West tells his nightmare of return to the 19th century to Edith, who is sympathetic. West's citizenship in the new America is recognized, and he goes to the bank to obtain his own account, or 'credit card', from which he can draw his equal share of the national product... " (previously 1,2) [more inside]
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One big hand, two little hands.

Bach/Siloti Prelude in B minor - left hand arrangement for my baby daughter (SLYT)
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