May 19, 2018


“Each drone carries at least $100,000 of electronics, batteries, and related gear. Devices near the tip of the sail measure wind speed and direction, sunlight, air temperature and pressure, and humidity. Across the top of the drone’s body, other electronics track wave height and period, carbon dioxide levels, and the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Underwater, sensors monitor currents, dissolved oxygen levels, and water temperature, acidity, and salinity. Sonars and other acoustic instruments try to identify animal life.“
Engineer and adventurer Richard Jenkins has made oceangoing robots that could revolutionize fishing, drilling, and environmental science. His aim: a thousand of them.
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Well, hello, Mrs. Alabama Worley

A grindhouse is an American term for a theater that mainly shows exploitation films. This theater type was named after the "grind policy", a film-programming strategy dating back to the early 1920s which continuously showed films at cut-rate ticket prices that typically rose over the course of each day. WTvF! Movies is a Youtube channel that features 7,000 exploitation films, including 1,800 Full Kung-Fu and Martial Arts Movies and 4,100 Full Grindhouse, Exploitation and Drive-In Movies
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Your life has many more hues than just grey

The 2000s brought us electronica keyboard/guitar duo Sub Level 03, for a couple of years one of the biggest musical acts in the furry fandom. I first encountered their third album, 2005's EP Touch Of Pink [full album, ~30m]. Associated videos: The Illusion Of Me, Touch Of Pink, Return To Paradise [more inside]
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Japanese Penny Dreadfuls

Stories of this sort—lurid, sensational, violent—were the bread-and-butter of Tokyo’s early tabloids
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The pizza is a lie

This savory-looking confection is the tasty handiwork of Natalie and Dave Sideserf of Sideserf Cakes from Austin, Texas. You may have seen this couple on TV making their very fancy cake designs featuring the likes of decapitated heads or Ninja Turtles or rainbow-farting unicorns. Or possibly you’ve seen some of their fine work on DM. Now this talented couple may have fulfilled some ancient prophecy by creating the Pizza Cake. (Disturbing cakes previously)
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Perfectly Boring

Mississippi, murder, and William Eggleston’s “Red Ceiling” (SL Oxford American).
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Handfull of Witch Dust, Pinch of Love, Hole of Donut.

Would you like to meet the Witch Sisters? They are Little Witch Sister and Big Witch Sister. Big Witch Sister does a lot of fun things (sometimes with her pet warthog, Dr. Cheryl), but Little Witch Sister is often too small to join along, so she uses the magic of spelling ... with mixed results. There are six short episodes from Sesame Studios so far: Big, Cat, Box, Dog, Jet, and Bat; you can even view them all together in a 13+ minute official compilation.
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"The Gig Economy" by Zero HP Lovecraft

"The Gig Economy" by Internet user Zero HP Lovecraft - a short horror of occult techno-economic acceleration.
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The Shape Of PSIBER Space

The PSIBER Space Deck is an interactive visual user interface to a graphical programming environment, the NeWS window system. [more inside]
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The Definitive Ranking of Donkey Kong Games [Polygon] “Mario had his turn in the spotlight last year, so why not his lifelong rival? To commemorate the rerelease of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, I’ve dug deep into video game history to track down and evaluate every Donkey Kong video game Nintendo has made (and one or two that someone else published). Whether for arcades, home computers, consoles or Game & Watch: if it’s Kong, it’s on this list.” [more inside]
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inside a quiet mind

Inside A Quiet Mind, a 1998 LP by a humble young Maori dude from Tokoroa, Denver McCarthy, under the name Micronism: "the best electronic album ever made in this country".
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This is somehow not actually a joke. I mean, it started as one, but

Now there’s a Zelda: LttP randomizer that is also a Super Metroid randomizer, simultaneously.
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