March 19, 2018

What to Do with an Old Stadium

Two uses for unused stadiums. The first is in Osaka. The second is in England: Highbury Square
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A Flork of Cows

Poorly drawn comics of sock puppets. (Facebook warning.) For those of you who are currently Facebook averse, there is a subReddit and YouTube channel. If you like poorly drawn sock-puppet comics, that is.
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Mei would have loved Hop-A-Bus

Dallas Texas in the 1980's had a transit program called Hop A Bus that was literally busses painted as bunnies. [more inside]
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“Video games don't create violence in society, they reflect it.”

Let's Talk About Guns and Video Games [Waypoint] “America is finally having an ongoing conversation about gun violence. In the wake of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and driven by the energetic political action of countless students across the country, it feels like there could be real regulatory action taken for the first time since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban went out of effect in 2004. Unsurprisingly, those that would prefer to dodge such regulation have, in searching for an alibi for gun violence, pointed again towards video games. In the weeks that have followed, old debates have sparked new and classic scapegoats have been pushed again to cover for the nation's inability to address a root cause.” [more inside]
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The Lewis and Clark Bridge Is Just Shy of 88. Will it make it?

The historic cantilever bridge, originally called the Longview Bridge, is currently closed due to a bomb scare. The Coast Guard has closed the area to marine traffic as well. I'm kind of hoping that this year's squirrel bridge might be a tribute.
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If it's not blue, she's not listening

A cartoon of a dad and a grandma wrestling with Amazon Alexa and then the reaction video from the family members involved.
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Why am I putting pancake batter on my face? Mind your business.

I Was a Male Makeup Virgin Until Rihanna Came Into My Life
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I can't stop to mess around

The Damned: how we made New Rose [more inside]
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Mueslix is trash and no one would look in there.

And Now, A Treasury Of Your Best Weird Grandpa Stories
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The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck

Let’s say the situation at work is not good. The project (or product, or re-org, or whatever) has launched, and the best you can say is that things aren’t going as planned. At all. It’s a disaster, though the best word for it is the one you drop over drinks with your team and when venting at home: it’s a clusterfuck. […] To appreciate what a clusterfuck is—and to understand how to avoid one—it is first helpful to clarify some of the things a clusterfuck is not.
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I'm A Millionaire In Paris, In Raggedy Man's Disguise

First named Spencer Tracy, the Dundee-based trio needed to rename after the estate of the actor threatened to sue. They chose Danny Wilson, after the eponymous Frank Sinatra character in "Meet Danny Wilson".
Signed to Virgin Records in 1986, their first album came out a year later, and spawned a world wide hit about a girl named Mary, but a careful listen to the entire album reveals a great deal more than just a girl praying. [more inside]
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I live my life with strangers

Just five years years after his debut effort, Barry Manilow was able to release a double album of Greatest Hits, and if you're of a certain age, you know all these songs already. Side A: Mandy, New York City Rhythm, Ready To Take A Chance Again, Looks Like We Made It, Daybreak [more inside]
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The enduring appeal of Mr. Brightside

There's some hot fuss about the song Mr. Brightside by The Killers which, after an initially poor chart run, has now totalled 200 weeks in the UK Top 100. Here, it's averaged 878,000 streaming service plays a week this year, and is the most streamed track released prior to 2010; it also remains popular in the USA. Matrimonially banned from singing it, the song is firmly embedded in popular culture and can be spoken as sports commentary, as many covers abound and memes proliferate. As ubiquitous as Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars from 2006, next year there will be teenagers born *after* both these songs were released. The Google autocomplete lyrics and the actual lyrics; the original demo and back story. (Previously)
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A Hobbesument

Tony Lewis finds a new way of writing poetry, through artistry, and his assemblage of cut-up dialog balloons from Bill Watterson’s much-loved comic strip: This Artist Deconstructed His Love and Fascination for Calvin and Hobbes [more inside]
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