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The Abstract Representation of Things

Combinators and the Story of Computation - "The idea of representing things in a formal, symbolic way has a long history... But was there perhaps some more general and fundamental infrastructure: some kind of abstract system that could ultimately model or represent anything? Today we understand that's what computation is. And it's becoming clear that the modern conception of computation is one of the single most powerful ideas in all of intellectual history—whose implications are only just beginning to unfold. But how did we finally get to it? Combinators had an important role to play, woven into a complex tapestry of ideas stretching across more than a century." (also btw The Nature of Computation previously) [more inside]
posted by kliuless at 2:23 AM Jun 20 2021 - 27 comments [73 favorites]

The Complete List of Marxist, Un-American, Anti-White Things

(According to White People)
posted by clawsoon at 6:14 PM Jun 16 2021 - 20 comments [60 favorites]

There is no more important rule than to wear these ... Safety Glasses

The New Yankee Workshop site has 153 episodes of the show (with more to come) available for free viewing. Via.
posted by Mitheral at 7:36 PM Jun 15 2021 - 29 comments [59 favorites]

The world is an open book, if you open your eyes and look

On The Move was a BBC series from the 1970s that set out to address adult illiteracy - sample episode. It was a sort of "Sesame Street for grown ups". With a notably catchy theme tune. Bob Hoskins, played, Alf - the removal man who was struggling to learn to read and write. The show attracted 17 million viewers a week - (way beyond the size of its target audience) and helped make Hoskins famous. It was also responsible for persuading 70,000 people to sign up for adult literacy programmes. [more inside]
posted by rongorongo at 1:59 AM Jun 17 2021 - 23 comments [42 favorites]

AP says it will no longer name suspects in minor crimes

The Associated Press said Tuesday it will no longer run the names of people charged with minor crimes, out of concern that such stories can have a long, damaging afterlife on the internet that can make it hard for individuals to move on with their lives.
posted by girlmightlive at 9:01 PM Jun 16 2021 - 14 comments [41 favorites]


A browser-based 'game' with a cool vibe Not so sure about the AI-generated haikus, but the aesthetic and mood are peaceful.
posted by domdib at 5:13 AM Jun 18 2021 - 18 comments [38 favorites]

100 x 3 second 3D Renders

Based on the same 3 second model, 2400 CGI artists submitted their own interpretation. These are the 100 best. (SLYT)
posted by jontyjago at 2:29 PM Jun 18 2021 - 39 comments [35 favorites]

Smac McCreanor vs Hydraulic Press

Does what it says on the tin [slyt]
posted by Pyrogenesis at 8:34 PM Jun 16 2021 - 19 comments [34 favorites]

Cameras ain’t what they used to be

The Rise and Fall of an American Tech Giant, The Atlantic, Kaitlyn Tiffany, July/August 2021 [alternate link]: “Kodak didn’t just teach Americans to take photographs; it taught them what to take photographs of, and it taught them what photographs were for. The Kodak mythology [*], though powerful, was and is easily seen through.” *See Kodak History.
posted by cenoxo at 8:42 AM Jun 16 2021 - 35 comments [33 favorites]

Miami is the first city in the world with a chief heat officer

Jane Gilbert, who worked for many years on the city’s climate resilience initiatives, is the first person to hold a position of this kind in the world. Cities are known as “urban heat islands,” meaning they’re significantly warmer than other settlements because of the way they’re constructed, with buildings and roads absorbing heat and then reemitting it. “We’re just roasting people in cities,” Baughman McLeod says. Many of Gilbert’s prospective initiatives are based around design. She mentions installing cool pavements and roofs by using materials that reflect sunlight to drive down temperatures, and enhancing shade along pavements with tree canopies so people can walk, bike, and wait at bus stops that will feel 20 to 45 degrees cooler (which will also help encourage the use of public transportation instead of individually air-conditioned cars).
posted by folklore724 at 2:49 PM Jun 19 2021 - 47 comments [32 favorites]

Vintage photos of Juneteenth

“'There is no nationally recognized moment where this country takes a pause and says, you know what, this country enslaved people, broke up families, in perpetuity for generations. Juneteenth is becoming a time when the country can do that,' [Dr. Brian] Purnell told BuzzFeed News." But before it was signed into law as a federal holiday, Black communities in different parts of the country have been recognizing Juneteenth since 1866: Photos Of How People Celebrated Juneteenth 100 Years Ago.
posted by taz at 11:19 AM Jun 19 2021 - 5 comments [31 favorites]

The second-most-disappointing New Mutants of the past year

Opinion: ‘These new vaccine mutants are extremely disappointing,’ by Magneto [slWaPo, "as told to" Alexandra Petri] [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack at 7:29 AM Jun 16 2021 - 24 comments [30 favorites]

The 2021 WKC Masters Champion honors goes to Verb the border collie

Verb is a very good boy and goes heckin' fast to win the 2021 20-inch class and Masters Champions title (SLYT).
posted by Harald74 at 4:34 AM Jun 18 2021 - 27 comments [29 favorites]

Retron Library Recombineering

Scientists Have Created A New Gene-Editing Tool That Could Outperform CRISPR - "It is faster and simpler than CRISPR, enabling millions of genetic experiments to be performed simultaneously." [more inside]
posted by kliuless at 10:49 PM Jun 21 2021 - 5 comments [28 favorites]

Flappy ball.

Dot dot dot is a game of great gravity.
posted by kaibutsu at 6:33 PM Jun 16 2021 - 26 comments [27 favorites]

50 Years of Blue

On the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Joni Mitchell's Blue, the NYT talks to 25 musicians about the work countless critics have pointed to as a definitive masterpiece of the confessional singer-songwriter album. [more inside]
posted by Nerd of the North at 3:17 AM Jun 22 2021 - 23 comments [27 favorites]

Shooting the Money Cannon

Airbnb is spending millions of dollars to make nightmares go away by Olivia Carville [CW: bad things happening to short-term renters, including assault, rape & murder]
posted by chavenet at 2:19 PM Jun 16 2021 - 38 comments [26 favorites]

Biographies of early medieval English women

Florence H R Scott (@FlorenceHRS, 06/13/2021): "My aim with my newsletter is to eventually have written a biography of every single woman we know existed in England between roughly 500 and 1100" [ThreadReader; "Some clarification ..." and ThreadReader for it too]. The newsletter: Ælfgif-who? Issues to date: Cynethryth: Mercia's Forgotten Queen?; Breguswith: Portents and Pendants; Godgifu: The Bare Truth Behind the Lady Godiva Legend; The North Elmham and Fairford Women: Two Black Women in Tenth-Century England; Judith: The First Crowned and Anointed Queen of Wessex... At Twelve Years Old; Æthelflaed and Ælfwyn: The Women who Ruled Mercia in the Viking Age; Hugeburc: The Earliest English Woman Writer, Who Hid her Identity in a Secret Code; and Hild of Whitby: Politician, Religious Leader, Teacher, Saint.
posted by Wobbuffet at 2:45 AM Jun 15 2021 - 20 comments [57 favorites (25 in the past 7 days)]

We substituted the ‘I do’ for the ‘I think’

Scottish philosopher John Macmurray (1891-1976) argued that many of the failings of human life, both individual and collective, result from dualist thinking that separates mind and body, with the self centred in the former. He proposed a new model in which the self is understood monistically as an agent, and thought as the negative aspect of action. Macmurray presented his views in the Gifford Lectures. [more inside]
posted by No Robots at 1:02 PM Jun 16 2021 - 3 comments [25 favorites]

From The Archives

There were no politicians or corporate sponsors when the first Pride parade rolled through San Francisco on June 25, 1972. Spirit Of 1972: Photos from the first S.F. Pride parade [San Francisco Chronicle]
posted by hippybear at 9:55 PM Jun 20 2021 - 8 comments [25 favorites]

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