Scholarship Winners

Drum roll please... and the winners are... first, an explanation at how the final results were figured out.

Now, since the scoring was from 0-10 on the entries, and people didn't have to vote for more than one person of the eleven entries, the totals were kinda screwy. Instead of going off raw averages alone, people that voted for at least two of the finalists were also compared, and point values were given for who was scored first through third.

The winner was pikachulolita. Second place was gramcracker, and in third, it's a tie between palegirl and amanda. I know having a tie is kinda dicey, but one person won on raw averages by a slim margin, the other had a slightly higher score when you compared people that scored both, so since it's close, I'm going to rule that one a tie and split the money.


So, here's the breakdown of money coming their way:

pikachulolita: $800
gramcracker: $400
amanda and palegirl: $160 each

I'll be mailing out checks in late August, and I'd like to extend a deep thanks to everyone who entered, everyone that donated to the provide the funds, and everyone that voted. I couldn't have done it without you all, and I thank you for participating.

I'd also like to thank Nick Sweeney for helping out in the vote gathering and for helping develop the scoring methodology.

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