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http://picard.ytmnd.com I'm pretty drunk and just want to uncorrelate with this site for a second. I'm sure you'd understnad if you were in such a position! Zip Barf!:P LOOL
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What's That? Sadly, the education of the youth of amerika is declining in more than one way. The other day I was at the grocery store and the checker was unable to identify a portabello mushroom. And no, she wasn't new...and to make matters worse the checker next to her didn't know either. (more inside)
comment posted at 10:02 AM on Nov-12-05

Grokster shuts down after their Supreme Court defeat [pdf] this summer, Grokster has chosen to settle its case with MGM et al., admit to wrongdoing, and stop distributing its software. Their website now displays the message: "There are legal services for downloading music and movies. This service is not one of them.". Another victoy for Hollywood in the intellectual property war. Who's next?
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The first bear kill of the Maryland hunting season was made by an 8-year-old girl, notes Joel Achenbach's blog. It's quite an interesting news story that makes one wonder what values many of us are teaching our kids these days. Just as interesting, however, are the comments, which at least in one case deals with gender stereotyping: I think that it is important for our kids and especially our girls to experience life and if part of life is killing game, then so be it. After all, if our girls just sit in their little bubble wearing pretty dresses and playing Bach on the piano, we may just end up with lots of Condi Rice's (re: Eugene Robinson's Op Ed). The blog got lots of comments -- many more than my measly entry will.
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Another class action suit, another lousy settlement. Are or were you a member of Netflix? Sign up for your benefits under the class action settlement, and receive a free upgrade (or for former members, a free month) of service. That is one whole extra DVD at a time per month. Doesn't sound so hot? It gets better. The next month, they'll keep you on the upgraded plan and raise your bill to match it! Class action settlement, or class action fleecing?
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To boldly go where no one has gone before. George Takai comes out of the closet! Old Star Trek episodes suddenly become gay kitsch, develop strange, new context. Sexuality: The Final Frontier?
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hahahahah! looks like you mac weenies are out of luck...
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Erection Photographs. What it says. "This site contains research information on penile erections. It also contains photos of erect penises. The text information is not sensational and the pictures are not pornographic. They are provided to allow anyone who feels they need this information (or is just curious) to see the natural variation that exists in male erections." Of particular (or prurient) interest is the Hard-Soft Gallery. Big-time NSFW (or rather: smallish, average and very occasionally big).
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Flock is a being called a 'social browser'. It's been available to a select group of beta testers for a while, but today a developer preview of Flock was released to the public. Based on the open source Mozilla codebase, Flock integrates and synchronises with del.icio.us, Flickr and various blogging tools such as Blogger and Wordpress. Amongst other features, tags can be added to favourites and aggregated RSS feeds can be built and viewed from within the browser. There's been a mixed, if somewhat encouraging reception from the Web 2.0 crowd. Is this the future of browsing, or a plaything for early adopter geeks?
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Creationist author Michael Behe: "Astrology is a scientific theory". If, that is, you use his definition of theory. Behe, you may recall, is the grand high poobah of "intelligent design", the theory that states that somebody (who totally doesn't have to be God) created designed all life on Earth. It seems the latest iteration of the Scopes Monkey Trial isn't going so well for Mr. Behe. Even the courtroom audience is laughing at him.
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Skyline-New-York-City.jpg [this is big]
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No... F---- you. Over the course of several months a Florida librarian received unsolicited facsimile transmissions from one particular fax blaster. The number for removal and the number to fax back the advertisements for health insurance, mortgages, hot leads, selling my business and so on just happened to be in his local zrea code. Using super librarian skills and secret librarian tools he sought (legal) revenge, and won. Moral of this story:
1) Don't screw with the librarian
2) Libraries- take action on your unsolicited faxes- they are illegal.
3) Reference tools are your friends!
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Coin Collectors Divided over New Bush Half Penny: "Each half cent will cost about 0.81 cent to mint, creating an unnecessary deficit every year," detractors complain.
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New 30GB iPod capable of playing video on a 320x240 display. Get it at $299 before the hordes arrive at the Apple store. Sketchy on-the-scene reports (ThinkSecret, Gizmodo, iPodLounge Live). There's also a new iMac and some software updates that, to be honest, no one was watching for. Please let the new wider and thinner iPod design still fit comfortably in my front pocket.
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The most interesting pieces of pop music trivia (that you know are 100% false.) For example,
  • With the exception of 1990's Fourth of July, every Galaxie 500 song released has the exact same opening five seconds.
  • "American Pie" songster Don McLean is ironically both Canadian, and allergic to pastry.
  • Rapper 50 Cent Blasts Colonel Oliver North for role in Iran Contra Affair

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    It is a highly addictive drug, but governments everywhere encourage its use... though they are not so keen on no-name brands. Richard Dawkins details the dangers of the most insidious opiate.
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    A former Apple customer service representative shows what he feels led to his dismissal. His previous hypothesis was that the performance led the company to find his occasionally customer-trashing blog. While it seems that more and more people have been fired from companies for blogging, is it likely that the blog had nothing to do with it? Seventy percent of companies have no policy on them, but surely a company as secretive as Apple is not among them. So was it the blog, or are all intracompany talent shows just an invitation for tragedy?
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    Where did all the bananas go? Bananas are awesome. Popular Science has an article about how they are going extinct. Apparently in the early 1900's the main variety of banana died out and was replaced by what we know today. According to this article, it's happening again.

    o/~ Work all night on a drink of rum
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Stack banana till de mornin' come
    Daylight come and me wan' go home o/~

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    The first episode of NerdTV is out but the site is so inundated with users that the official torrent is the only way to get a copy at the moment. It's an online-only series featuring hour long episodes filled with interviews done by Robert Cringely.
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    The Accidental Panhandler I found a great corduroy blazer in a thrift shop and I loved it. I was out handing out flyers to drunk college boys that night in my lovely new coat and several of them each handed me a dollar. When a fifth person offered me a buck I asked why people were giving me money. "Aren't you out here asking for money?" "No. I'm here promoting for a film festival." "Oh! Well that can't pay much." "Dude, they rent me an apartment, a car, fly me all over the country and I make money o'plenty." This guy who'd intended to be generous then turned angry. "Yeah! Then why the hell are you wearing that stupid coat!" He left his dollar and moved on. I was handed three more dollar bills that day and did not protest. Wanting to be true to the lifestyle I'd found myself in, I spent the money on fortified wine. How much do panhandlers really make? Can you possibly make a living at this? How much of a difference does a funny sign make? Will people give to a guy in a banana suit? Does every sign have to say "God Bless?" Important questions. I aim to find the answers. Give me a dollar. God Bless. Panhandling Worldwide
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    Leonard Cohen is broke. The legendary singer's manager allegedly helped herself to more than $5 million of Cohen's savings while he was busy training as a Buddhist monk. Cohen's manager also convinced him to sell his back catalogue and continuing royalties—profits from both sales were allegedly taken by the same manager.

    At the age of 70, Cohen's retirement savings have been depleted to under $150,000 and he is being forced to return to full-time touring and recording.
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    The Red Cross has been ordered to stay out of New Orleans. Critical firefighting equipment is being left untouched. Chicago's offer of manpower and equipment is "snubbed" by FEMA, according to the Mayor. FEMA "forgets" to tell the military to airdrop food and water to the survivors. Northern Command has been ready for days, just waiting for the President to give the orders. Feds delayed paperwork giving permission for National Guard to act. Louisiana begged for federal help on Sunday in a formal request, but the Bush administration says they didn't know anything about problems until Wednesday. Meanwhile, reporters apparently grow weary of the spin doctors.
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    According to the LA Times, "[g]raffiti is a growing part of the landscape as taggers deface parks and canyons" in California. While the tone of the article was overwhelmingly negative towards the pictographs, people have been painting on these same rocks for millenia. Ancient pictographs and petroglyphs add to our understanding of what the people who lived before us were like; won't contempory pictographs help future anthropologists understand us?
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    Top 10 What Have the Brits Ever Done For Us? - An Irish view. Featuring at #2: the potato famine - apparently much worse than the lesser known 1783 garlic cheese & chips famine, some people resorted to eating each other - starting with the fat sister in the house - "there'd be plenty of eating in her, y'know..."Streaming Flash, Sense of humour required
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    WeblogsInc Contract for Bloggers. If you have ever been curious what the writers for Weblogs Inc are held to, and get paid. I imagine that there are contract tweaks here and there for more in-demand talent, but it breaks down to $500 for 125 posts a month.
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    I want your child ... and nothing else! The newest reality show from billionaire, and Big Brother creator, John de Mol about a woman looking for a sperm donor to conceive a child. Sounds like more great programming.
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