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Farah Janjua, a diverse photographer has many accomplishments in her field. Since her debut as a photographer in 1990, her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions both national and international. Her most outstanding achievements include her photograph "Hopeless"(scroll down) being the only photograph from outside the United States published by The International Library of Photography in their book 'America at the Millennium' in the year 1999. My personal favorite is this picture named "Malang" on her official website.
comment posted at 8:43 AM on Aug-19-02

Is The Cult Of Designer Cultures And Cute Primitivism Keeping The Third World Back? In a brief but pointed book review, Raymond Tallis asks whether "the ideology of culture [has] replaced patriotism as the last refuge of a scoundrel". Can excessive cultural relativism and respect for pre-industrial cultures have the perverse effect of maintaining and indeed reinforcing the conservative, National Geographic/Discovery Channel/geopolitical statu quo?
comment posted at 8:36 AM on Aug-18-02

Serial killer blog. Well not really. More of a religious rant than true crime novel, but the case of the Son of Sam murders has been reviewed for the possibility of a second suspect. An article in Fortean Times may have opened the floodgates, but I am unable to find an online source. Did anybody else see this story?
comment posted at 3:41 AM on Aug-13-02

Trash homes a.k.a. earthships sound like the way to go. Now if they would start building them here in Seattle...
comment posted at 8:35 PM on Aug-12-02

Leon Sergeivitch Termen, born in Russia and later a US resident, is best known as the inventor of The Theremin, the first real electronic instrument. The Theremin is played by standing and wavings one's hands. It was used to give a futuristic sound to classic sci-fi films and still looks plenty sci-fi when played[quicktime clip] and the music it produces is strange and beautiful[real player].
Old Leon himself ended up getting kidnapped by Soviet agents and sent to a Siberian prison camp. After his release, he continued to work for the KGB, creating one of the first "bugs" -- then used to eavesdrop on the American Embassy. He was mostly unaware of the fate of his eponymous instrument. Meanwhile, his former lover, Clara Rockmore, went on to try and change the thermin from novelty to serious instrument, she even had her own unique playing style (heard in the real player clip above). Want to play? build your own, or download your own, and join the whole odd subculture.
comment posted at 4:00 AM on Aug-13-02

Truck-nutz? Can it get any more crude, I mean 'red', than this? (here, another brand and lots of pics - click on mugshots). Who in their right mind would hang these under thier bumper?
comment posted at 8:39 PM on Aug-12-02

The Origin of the Hamburger (npr.org). A restaurant named Louis' Lunch lays claims to the original hamburger. Dick's Drive-In has some of the best hamburgers and fries in Seattle. At the Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, SC you can get your burger served "a-plenty," meaning hidden under a generous pile of onion rings and fries. What's your favorite burger? Or has the recent beef recall got you down?
comment posted at 5:26 PM on Aug-11-02

A rebuttal to the "cult of Turn Off Your Computer," or as might be more familiar here: "It's Only a Website."
Curious about others' views on this. I've been on-line for so long(shut up, not consecutively), avatars/personas/whateveryoucallem just seem like silly extra work to me, outside appropriate contexts like on-line RPGs and the like.
comment posted at 6:07 PM on Aug-11-02

No *I* Am Carbonated Milk. David Bond comes to resurrect IAmCarbonatedMilk.com, not to bury it.
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Fragx returns. 200 words or less with a 3-word title: one of the earliest and most interesting writing experiments on the web is finally back, and the slate is clean. John Casler's Fragx (short for fragments) challenges the most verbose of us to strip it down, distill it to its most basic elements, then put it up for a healthy flogging by other writers. Sounds like good practice.
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Life Is A Magazine, Chum... Come to the Magazine! A lot of us grew up with Life Magazine and there's a certain nostalgic/narcissistic pleasure in looking at the cover of the week you (if you're over 30, that is) or your parents were born in. Their wacky and classic covers are also worth checking out, even though there are some inevitable repeats. Oh - and never forgetting their astonishing classic photographs, of course.
comment posted at 5:34 AM on Aug-9-02

Reclaiming the Commons "One of the great questions of contemporary American political economy is, who shall control the commons? "The commons" refers to that vast range of resources that the American people collectively own, but which are rapidly being enclosed: privatized, traded in the market, and abused." This is a fairly long, but incredibly well researched article about the "silent theft of our shared assets and civic inheritance".
comment posted at 5:48 AM on Aug-5-02

Check Out This Librarian There's more to being a librarian than just stamping books and telling people to Shush. The Washington Post has a little Q&A with Jim Gates who has been librarian at the Hall of Fame Library for seven years.
Just in case you think all librarians are little old ladies, you might want to check out This Ad for Mack's Earplugs, it features a lovely librarian, who is also a World Champion Masters Triathelete. Of course, our own Jessamyn has been saying this kind of thing for years now.
After all, The Web Didn't Kill Libraries. It's the New Draw.
Now shush!
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BlogTree.com is a blog genealogy site: "You can register your blogs and record which blogs inspired their creation." It's an interesting new way to catalog and find blogs in tandem with Blogdex's social network explorer. Which blogs inspired you to start your own blog and have you in turn inspired anyone else to blog? The favorite blogs thread was a long time ago so those of you who've had blogs for years, which new(ish) blogs inspire you to continue blogging now? [ via Blogroots ]
comment posted at 6:16 AM on Aug-5-02

HE's Gone Jam>Cryptical>Other One>Stranger Bird Song Lazy Lightning>Supplication Aiko Estimated>Casey Jones Do you know what that means? A very nice, suprisingy rockin' good concert. What did you think of the Terrapin Station 'reunion/tribute' show? Does anyone care (besides me; be gentle) ?? Rolling Stone sure doesn't care about it...deadheads are not a good demo anymore.
comment posted at 6:35 AM on Aug-5-02

Case of the Missing Anthrax "The 400 pages of documents, which I've obtained and which were described by The Hartford Courant earlier this year, quote a newly arrived officer named Michael Langford as saying that he found "little or no organization," "little or no accountability," "a very lax and unorganized system" and signs of covert work and cover-ups." I'm concerned about the stock prices too, but, shouldn't this be on the evening news as well? NYTimes reg. reqr'd
comment posted at 3:41 AM on Jul-21-02
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"Don't dip your oar in this sordid sea, Dick. You might be besmirched." I've loved this campy show and movie ever since they first appeared, and the never missed opportunities to try to teach/preach through goody-two-shoe'dness such as lecturing Robin, talking tough with criminals, and dealing with women range from the classic: [more]
comment posted at 7:54 PM on Jul-17-02

Senate Approves Canada Drug Imports! "Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, said, "If this proposal becomes law, we are just placing our country in the hands of foreign terrorists who could easily get hold of various prescription drug products and spread desolation and disease." Really, Senator, what hallucinogen are you on, and which drug company is buying it for you? I'm sure this bill still faces hurdles, but sounds great to me.
comment posted at 7:43 PM on Jul-17-02

Happy 100th Birthday to one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, not to mention the coolest. I would bet that most people that are reading this right now, at least in the US and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, are benefiting from this invention, originally designed to take the curl out of paper. It also made summer blockbusters like Mr. Deeds bearable. (I guess every good thing has some downside.)
comment posted at 7:52 AM on Jul-17-02

Pull up a folding chair and take a look at the folding chair's four thousand year history, thanks to the kind folks at designboom.
comment posted at 7:26 AM on Jul-17-02

To write...means campaigning against cliche: "Not just cliches of the pen but cliches of the mind and cliches of the heart."
comment posted at 7:13 AM on Jul-17-02

Blogging while "homeless" - two Seattle guys just spent a week pretending to be homeless. They claim this newspaper article heavily misquoted them, but they are getting various flak in their message forums. A worthwhile project or were they just jealous of the Seattle Star Wars fans?
comment posted at 6:39 AM on Jul-17-02

Red Meat Construction Set Build your own Red Meat comic. It's fun.
comment posted at 3:48 PM on Jul-15-02

Cat-Scan.com is one of the strangest sites I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their scanners, or why.
comment posted at 11:49 AM on Jul-14-02

Elitist, moi? This is interesting in itself, but given some of the comments on MetaTalk at the moment it takes on greater resonance. Should the great unwashed be allowed access to art, or be allowed to produce art from a distinct, lowbrow perspective? Should Mefi only be available to those who post "the best that has been said and thought"? Is elitism good?
comment posted at 10:15 PM on Jul-13-02

21 songs plus ephemera. Boston's Mission of Burma is a most amazing band that has reunited after two decades and is about to hit the West Coast.
comment posted at 4:27 PM on Jul-12-02

The National Trust I just cant stop listening to this. I first heard it this morning on a mix disc my friend made me and now it's just on repeat all day at work. I'm buying the album after payday. What albums have you recently heard that stick in your head and your CD/MD/MP3 player? Do you get as obsessed with new bands like I do? Does hearing good new music become as addictive as any drug?
comment posted at 3:38 PM on Jul-12-02
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Every day is a holida at Girls are Pretty. Well, sort of.
But don't "Write Impassioned Letters Confessing Your Blind, Paralyzing Love For People Just To Put The Feelers Out There Day!" and "Go Buy a Shitload of Donuts Day!" just sound like so much more fun than say...planting a tree for Arbor Day?
Yeah. I thought so.
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Sesame Street's HIV positive Muppet The next season of the South African version of Sesame Street will feature a female muppet who has HIV.

We want to show that here is an HIV-positive member of our community who you can touch and interact with.
comment posted at 9:19 AM on Jul-12-02

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Vent: A collection of readers' responses to news stories. Funny, stupid, silly, odd, thoughtful non sequiturs. Updated daily.
comment posted at 9:04 AM on Jul-12-02

Last year's most popular baby names in B.C. Fashions come and go, in names as much as anything else. Madison, Mackenzie, and Taylor are on the rise for girls, Liam for boys, with Brandon and Tyler still on the charts as well as more familiar names like Matthew. This page breaks down every registry for last year; how many different ways can you spell Kayley/Kayleigh/Kaylee? What about the 9 people who named their sons Maximus, or the 6 people who have given the world more Keanus? There are also a handful of Aaliyahs, Brooklyns, Montanas, and of course Brittneys. Where does your name stand?
comment posted at 10:53 PM on Jul-11-02

how's your news? mine just got a lot better: camp counselor takes a team of adults with developmental disabilities on a cross-country road trip, conducting 'man on the street' interviews along the way. end product is a hilarious and very human non-exploitive documentary film.
comment posted at 9:13 AM on Jul-10-02

Sharing Eminem tracks on P2P? The "artist" (and I use the term loosely here) describes, in his usual trailer-park eloquence, what he would like to do to you. The real ones in need of a beating are those who made this tard a celebrity IMHO, but then we must take pity on those who know not what they do...
comment posted at 6:43 PM on Jul-9-02

Steven. Steven. Steven. I can't get enough of this incredibly-cute-but-I-don't-normally-go-for-such-obvious-twinkiness pitchperson for Dell Computers. Apparently, neither can anyone else, as Steven (or more properly, actor Ben Curtis) has been Dell's most successful advertising, uh, tool ever. Why do we love him? His Bill'n'Ted vocabulary? His toothy grin? Whatever the reason, at least now I no longer have to glue myself to the television to watch his latest commercial overandoverandoverand Dude, I'll get a Dell if you deliver it to me personally. So to speak. Is it wrong to love a fictional character so much? Is there a support group? Any other MeFites have a strange attraction going on here? I can't be the only one, can I?
comment posted at 11:23 PM on Jul-9-02

No student/faculty dating policies? I found it odd that most universities don't actually have written policies regarding student/faculty dating. What's even more surprising is how difficult it seems to get tenured faculty out of their positions despite the number of allegations that happen to have been made against them. Or am I wrong in that type of thinking?
comment posted at 12:39 PM on Jul-8-02

You're the king of a small african nation. You have an annual health budget of $15 million. Two-thirds of the people in your nation are HIV positive, and two-thirds are living below the poverty line. What do you do? Why, you buy a $31 million private jet, of course!
comment posted at 12:25 PM on Jul-8-02
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action item: explore the seamy underbelly of microsoft powerpoint. how low can you go? pretty darn low: CLICK TO ADD TITLE (a brilliant joint performance of metafilter member leslie harpold (of the hoopla 500 (yes, that hoopla)) and metafilter member michael sippey (of stating the obvious (and a metafilter proposal))).
link via textism.
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