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Since 2004, the Brainwashed Podcast has been delivering an engaging mix of independent musics.

Hosted by Jon Whitney, founder of, the podcast is a rabbit hole of rabbit holes, with lost classics from newer labels, and newer music from established labels.

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I **heart** Jon so much. He's introduced me to so much amazing music over the last 20ish years. (And helped me get tickets to incredible shows, too. Thanks for everything, Jon!)

p.s. Please, another Brainwaves?!?!? What amazing set of shows it was!
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My introduction to so much alternative/art/experimental/rock/classical/other/important music since my teenage self, exploring all the 80's goth bands, found The Legendary Pink Dots classified as such on some website, and I went to Brainwashed to learn more. The website/podcast has held a large influence on my life.
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This might be down my alley. As I'm always open to new recommendations, I will give this a listen. Thank you!
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Over two decades ago how am I that old I met Jon Whitney at a crappy second-shift call-center job. He looked like he might be weird in a similar way that I was, and I introduced myself. One day he gave me his business card and wrote BRAINWASHED.COM on the back. It's been really cool to watch his media empire grow.
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Way back in the 90s, I stumbled upon Brainwashed and kept coming back because it was one of the few dependable sources of news and information about Cabaret Voltaire, which I obsessed over, and the many subsequent projects by its former members, most notably Richard H. Kirk. But I never strayed much further into the website. I think it's time do that, and to cue up the podcasts.
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