"She wasn't always Princess Wolf. She was born Fleurda Blossom."
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Princess Wolf and her Life of Darkness contains plant monsters, strange statues, and an excellent technique for dealing with unwanted suitors. “For the past few years, my daughter Bee has been telling me tales about a wild character named Princess Wolf…I decided to collaborate with her to get this epic saga turned into a comic. Every few days—for three-and-a-half months—I’d sit her down, bribe her with a pastry, take frantic notes while she told me chunks of the story, and then draw a couple panels after she’d gone to bed.” By Kristen Haas Curtis, an American cartoonist living in Switzerland, and her daughter Bee.

Also by Kristen: Bruce the Horse (about one's inner critic), The Legend of Smart Women (legends retold with some alterations), La Rentrée (about going back to school in middle life).

Disclosure: This post brought to you by the change in the friend-linking rule. I came to know Kristen via the internet.
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This is great, though the questions about Princess Wolf are stoopid.
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I can’t figure out how to read this on my phone. The instructions look like it’s intended to be read with a mouse and keyboard? Anyone have tips?
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swipe horizontally, like an ebook.

This is really cute! I'm especially a fan of the last story, where it seems like the kid is really warming up to this whole narrative thing.
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Princess Wolf is great, but it would be a little exhausting to live near her, especially if you were a plant monster or not a wolf.
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I love stories told by kids, particularly when they're prompted to make something with an ongoing narrative or more details like this, and the art is cute. Thanks for sharing this!
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Anyone else remember Axe Cop?

(Similar disjointedly whacked-out narrative feel, albeit somewhat less charming because, well, a Cop with an Axe.)
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Hehe, “why is there a cart?”
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somewhat less charming

I was just describing this to a friend of mine who has good reason to be wary of cops as “Axe Cop, but, instead of a cop it’s a princess and instead of an axe there are wolves.” She seemed interested.
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